Violating Gender Norms

Oct 3, 2011 by

                    We are taught to live by the norms for our gender, but when...

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The Problem We All Live With

Sep 1, 2011 by

Thank you to my Coming to the Table friends Sharon Morgan and Edie Lee Harris for sharing this story. In 1960, a 6-year old African...

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The Hemingses of Monticello

Feb 2, 2011 by

Comments on the book, The Hemingses of Montecello by Annette Gordon-Reed It turns out that the stories about Thomas Jefferson I...

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I want to be free. Am I mental...

Jan 26, 2011 by

We live in a world where people tend to quickly define the behavior of others. They often swiftly label the behavior of those who...

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The Booth

Nov 3, 2010 by

The fire crackled in the fireplace, warding off the chill of the morning air in the high desert of California. The sky, although...

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