Mar 19, 2012 by

There’s a reason last year that I decided to take on the challenge of making a photograph each day – it motivates you to...

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Why I want to be Autumn De Wil...

Jan 14, 2012 by

For the majority of early childhood, I knew who I wanted to be when I grew up: Snow White, of course. I had planned my future of...

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On The Road

Nov 16, 2011 by

I spent more than half of my September on the road this year, traveling from bright Las Vegas to dusty Arizona, through the stunning...

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Oct 5, 2011 by

  My grandmother turned 96 years old today, Sept 19, 2011, and we were here in Michigan to celebrate with...

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The Constant

Sep 11, 2011 by

Taken as a part my [three-six-five] project (the photographer’s challenge of taking a photograph a day for an entire year),...

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Music and Lyrics

Aug 30, 2011 by

Editor’s Note:  This is the debut offering from an extraordinary find:  Alexandra Wallace.  To label her a photographer...

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