Becoming Stronger

Mar 22, 2012 by

Becoming Stronger

I was asked a while back, ‘How do we become strong?’ I just love being asked this kind of thing, it throws my mind into a mad swirl of questions! I would consider myself a very strong woman, but I hadn’t ever taken the time to analyse just how I got here! Until now that is!

Becoming stronger, and notice I didn’t say strong, as I believe we all have inner strength within us, admittedly sometimes untapped. We are merely unaware of our own strengths and capabilities that’s all. Becoming stronger begins, I believe with the thought or thoughts that tell us ‘I am becoming stronger’… ‘I am strong in the face of adversity’…. ‘Each and every day I get stronger and stronger in every way’, for how can we be strong if we are always telling ourselves that we aren’t strong? Our subconscious minds believe everything that we tell them, whether it is good for us or not, they just believe, never questioning, always accepting, and are always ready to act out on our orders!

Oh and I know some of you are probably saying words won’t change anything, and I’ll agree with you there, words on their own, won’t change anything, the next thing that has to happen, is that you can imagine being strong, to become strong, put the right kind of thoughts into your mind, tell it what you want to achieve, then get into the feeling of it, if you are visual, if you find it easy to put pictures in your mind, see, hear, feel, imagine that you are in the process of becoming strong, and yes some of you may find this difficult, and if you do… let me ask you to define your interpretation of strong. Write it down on a piece of paper, what do you want to be? Not what you don’t want to be, state as clearly as you can what it is that you want to become, how do you want to act in situations where you need inner strength? Now do you know anyone who is like that, an actor, a neighbour, a partner, a parent, a child, someone you admire for that quality that you seek.? Think about the kind of things they say and do, how do they hold themselves, do they come across as a victim or as a survivor? Do they stand up straight and look someone in the eye or do they slouch apologetically avoiding eye contact at all costs? Observe and see what way you can be like them.

Please note:  There’s a difference between being strong and being hard, being assertive and being aggressive, so just to be aware of this. Being strong, doesn’t mean being rude, or selfish or pushy, we can be strong and we can remain nice people!

I’ll leave you with this quote, ‘ It’s not what you are that holds you back, It’s what you think you’re not ’ – Denis Waitley