Mar 19, 2012 by


There’s a reason last year that I decided to take on the challenge of making a photograph each day – it motivates you to keep practicing your craft, whether you feel like it or not in the moment. This year, with the [fifty two weeks.] project I’ve taken some photos I’m pretty happy with, but it’s also left me with that large opportunity to [here it comes, it constantly follows me…] procrastinate. For the other six days of the week, I’m free to pass by my little camera and not pick it up.

And the reasons for not picking it up are never because I don’t like to take photos; it’s always just this paradox that constantly haunts me of having endless inspiration, but not the means to meet the ends of that  idea. I constantly struggle with having the perfect idea in my head, but then stop myself from going for it, because I start convincing myself that I don’t have the resources or ability to make it happen, so I should just put it on a shelf until I do.
And that’s a nasty trap to get into.

I think everyone just needs to do what they want to do. If you have an idea just do it – because chances are, in a few days, if not sooner, you’re going to forget you even had it, and it’s lost forever. I know that one of my biggest flaws is over-thinking things, getting anxiety – but don’t let such things hinder you.  I’m not.

The above photo is really nothing special – it’s a stack of newspapers that have been sitting on the coffee table for a couple days, and we all know the idea of a black and white photo of newsprint is nothing special. But I saw my camera today, and I knew it needed to be picked up.