How Can I Help?

Mar 7, 2012 by

How Can I Help?

Humans are by nature a communal species. We tend to enjoy participation with others. This is not to say that we do not enjoy our alone time. It is simply that when we help or assist others we share an experience, which can be enriching for all concerned.

I receive requests from people asking me to suggest a good cause or place for them to put their energy. While I, naturally, have causes and issues I am especially passionate about (i.e., eradicating slavery and human trafficking, stopping sexual exploitation and providing trauma treatment for all who need and want it) my causes may not be the issues that move you. Moreover, since when we commit our personal resources, whether those are time, money or ideas, we will find the most pleasure when we give our personal offering to issues, concerns, organizations and causes that strike a chord within us.

Finding the ideal match in your quest to assist and empower others has never been easier than it is today. The Internet provides a treasure trove of sites intended just for this purpose. Here are a few to help you explore available opportunities:

With each of these websites and the services they offer, you have the opportunity to search by location, interest or type of opportunity. So stop and think about your talents, hobbies, education, profession or knowledge that can be of joy, use or benefit to others.  Then find a match that works for you!!

Will you let me know what happens? I really do want to hear about your experiences and the opportunities for sharing that unfold for you.

Peace, my friends!