ZCD Foundation Interview

by Brooke Leigh Sheldon

Post image for ZCD Foundation Interview

Zee Becket

Zee Becket (3rd from left) In Gao, Sierra Leone


“Zee Becket Watched a CNN Special
– And Changed 14,000 Lives”

September 20, 2009

In 2008 Zainab Beckett saw a special report on CNN. A small boy begged for his life before a group of soldiers.
When the child turned, they shot him.
They killed him.

Zainab knew this boy’s death was her call to action. ZCD Foundation is the profound purpose grown out of this shattering pain. In less than two years, “Zee” Beckett, her friend Dallas Sisolack, and their ZCD Foundation’s commitment to the motto “Water is Life” has saved the lives of 14,000 people. Her farming, education and construction programs are empowering women and children and giving young people the safety and education they need to improve the future of Sierra Leone.

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