The Photograph

Feb 17, 2012 by

The Photograph

This picture arrived in my email box the other day. When I saw it, I was struck by the emotions it conveyed.

In writing this I thought about the numerous ways I could attempt to offer you the profundity I find in the photograph. However, each time I would look back at the shot, I would find a new layer of depth and warmth in its details.

So, instead of offering you my treatise on the capture of this moment’s photographed eloquence, I will instead ask you only to look at the photo and discover what occurs inside of you.

Peace, my friends.


  1. hugh tulloch

    Dear Brooke leigh Sheldon,
    I am long retired,but while i wrked in London many years
    ago,i came across a lot of homeless people,and sadly would have loved to work
    with them,but was greatly involved with the Church and third world Charities.When
    i saw your beautiful photograph of the Homeless man with dog,may i please
    purchase a copy of the dear picture. At seventy four i still have lovely memories
    of feeding a homeless woman who slept in a recess at Highgate Bus Garage when
    my delivery route took me to that area,they are so precious,hope you can help me

  2. Kathy, how touchingly true that is, my dear friend.

  3. How exquisite, David. Thank you for sharing that touching event, my friend.

  4. I second that motion, Rochelle!

  5. Many of us are just “that close” from this possibility, even when one makes what seems to be appropriate choices-life has a way of altering circumstances and outcomes. Compassion and kindness could help another person feel hope instead of despair..this man and his dog share more “humanity” than perhaps all of the people who passed on by in judgement….

  6. David Traub

    I also saw this the other day and was moved. I know that love in my life. It is the definition of my life. Those that know me know this to be true. I remember when I was 18 and going to work in a February downpour along Pico Blvd. to downtown Los Angeles I saw a man pushing a shopping cart with a pup in the cart with it’s head up howling. My first young instinct was to offer the man anything to rescue the dog. It took no time for me to realize that the man truly loved this dog and it was the dearest thing in his life and how wrong it would be of me to insinuate myself into their love. It was my own depth of love for animals blooming.

  7. Jeni, your post moved me also; so down-to-earth true:-)

  8. Jeni

    love knows no bounds … kindred spirits find one another … always …