What’s the square footage?

Jan 24, 2012 by

What’s the square footage?

The age of the McMansion has become passé. The overblown contest of house size, “Who’s is bigger?”, has found it’s new location in the circular file of public consciousness.

Perhaps the time therefore has come to keep in mind that the size of the house matters least. What makes a house a home is not the square footage, it’s the memories made in the moments within it.

When I look back on the house I was raised in, for most of my early years, it wasn’t very big. It didn’t have any high ceilings. It didn’t have the latest flooring or the most stylish décor. What it did have was the magic of care, the essence of warmth and the security of people who loved me.

At a time in the world when so many people are having to re-evaluate what gives life meaning and what constitutes success, it is important to remember:

Size doesn’t matter…… it’s whatcha’ do with whatcha’ got.

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Ann!! Thanks for the “like”!! 🙂

  2. ann smith

    I’m ticking the like button. 🙂

  3. It is very true, Eve, that we have trended to stepping away from the intimacy that can be “home”. It becomes somewhere to hang a coat and stop by between trips to other places, which it absolutely is, but if we take a few precious moments to reflect on its also being the place where we are surrounded by those we cherish we might remember why coming home can feel like sanctuary….. Thanks for your thoughts!

  4. Right on, Sarah!!! I so agree!!!

  5. Thanks, Jeni!!! Glad it connected for you!!

  6. Eve Forcinel

    I love this and it is absolutely true. The bigger the house the more estranged family members become. It is like they each have their own home inside the house. It grieves me to see the decline of the family unit and see the lack of communication. I am not against having space but I would like to see more time spent around the dinner table and maybe a conversation between siblings and parents instead of everyone running off to ‘do their own thing.’ I suppose I am a little old fashioned but it still warms the heart when we see the old shows ie Little House on the Prairie or The Waltons. too bad we could not have carried that same spirit into our big houses. They have indeed become houses not homes.

  7. Jim

    Please contact me.
    I like to do a story about the house that Brook built. Why size don’t matter.
    thanks Jim

  8. A home is made of souls. The people who reside there and the way that they care for each other dictates the feeling of “home”. As you say, square footage don’t mean a thang. xo

  9. Jeni

    you need a “like” button on here!!