Back on Track

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Back on Track

It had been snowing on and off periodically for a few days and I awoke one morning to discover that my beloved car was now under some several feet of snow. Faced with the choice of digging or walking, I decided that I was in an adventurous mood!

Having run out of basic food supplies, it was necessary to walk to our local village. It’s quite a pleasant walk usually, but with snow up to three feet deep in places and a snow laden sky, generously sharing its gifts, I did question my sanity more than a few times before I ventured out !

It was tough going and I did fall over a few times, much to my amusement as the snow was very soft. I found it easier to follow in the footsteps of others mostly, as the snow was up to my knees, but as I got nearer the village it became easier to make my own tracks in a way, because so many had gone before on the other trail that it became more precarious to walk on those tracks.

Now where am I going with this little story? Well, as I was walking I was thinking about how in life we often follow the tracks of others, because it is easier sometimes, and maybe if too many have walked that track before us, then perhaps it gets a bit slippery or maybe we just don’t get anywhere on it ? And that sometimes it is necessary to re think and perhaps to walk a different trail, and leave some prints where few or none have gone before.

For far too many years I followed the trail of others, which led me nowhere. Each step took me further and further away from what I really wanted in my heart, further away from my desire. I chose to listen to the people who ‘knew better’. Well I just want to tell you, that I ain’t listening to them anymore! I’ve started walking a different path. I don’t know where it will lead, although I do know where I’d like to go. My heart is my GPS this time and I’m listening to that still small voice within me to guide me safely there.

I just wanted to share this with you in case you too are wondering if you’re on the right track. It’s never too late to change direction, nothing that has been learned in the past is wasted, and everything we learn can benefit us in some way. Listen to your heart and you’ll soon be back on track!

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  1. Boy, Paula, you’re really trying to get me into trouble. My hearts’s like the old chicken weathervane, it turns and turns and turns depending on the wind in my veins. In fact I call it my whethervein because of the excitment I experience every time a new path opens to me. But at 80 years of age I still TRY to listen to my heart, faint as the voice is these days…JWSIII