When You Remember, You’ll Want To Remember

Dec 24, 2011 by

When You Remember, You’ll Want To Remember

Each year we have what seems, more and more, like only snippets of time to share with the ones who mean so much to us. Therefore, I am asking you to consider giving them the gift that matters more than the “latest” or “greatest” newly designated “whatever” that some Madison Avenue think tank is pushing at you this year.

Give them….. you.

Give them your attention.
Give them your eye contact.
Give them your sincere smile.
Really care about the story they’re telling you, about the news they’re sharing with you.

Give them your willingness to listen.

I will tell you my mother is no longer alive. She is no longer able to be here to share with me.
She passed away several years ago.
And while, of course, there are a few gifts, trinkets really, which stand out in my mind, for we never had much money to spend on presents, it isn’t these things that stand out in my mind when I look back on my childhood or my holidays through the years.

It is my memories.

It’s all the anticipation and excitement.
It’s seeing all the colors and lights.
It was all the giving and sharing of smiles and laughter.
It’s been the reminder of how human we all are.

You understand what I mean. I know you do.

Now, I recognize we can and will give one another so many “cool things”, so many “perfect objects”, but let us not forget in the end that none of these wonderful items will compare to the priceless opportunities we all have to create meaningful memories with each other. Because long after the season is gone and it has become nothing but a “remember when” the movie of our memories will replay in the theatre of our mind, longingly pulling on our heartstrings. And, we will want to be glad we took those extra few moments to make that movie one we’ll enjoy watching in all our years to come.

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  1. Thank you, Johnny!! And may this year bring you everything you could wish for and more!! 🙂

  2. On my 81st Christmas on this earth Brook, I couldn’t agree with you more…The wonderful gift of sharing is not about presents under the tree, it is about giving of ourselves to our loved ones, to our friends, and to complete strangers when the opportunity arises. You and Valli have given me a gift of inestimable value by allowing me to present my views in Moments Count Journal and in helping me get my novel published. That is the kind of giflt giving of which I speak. God Bless you Brook and Valli and MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY CHANUKAH, AND ALL OF THE BLESSINGS OF GOD. John W. Strobel III