Happily Ever After: Cinderella’s Journey Home One Dog Stood Alone

by Moments Count

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 From the ASPCA blog:

Fairytales do come true. In June, 2010 ASPCA responders deployed to rural Tennessee, to assist with a critical hoarding intervention. The scene was heartbreaking. More than 80 dogs were found living among trash and debris. Some were housed in overcrowded pens and some were chained to posts, while others roamed the property. One dog stood alone.

Emaciated, pregnant and suffering from severe mange, her spirit was clearly broken. Never had a dog looked so sad. But that all changed the day we arrived. Our team provided the emergency care and love she needed.

Having gone from rags to riches, we named her Cinderella. It didn’t take long for a family to fall in love with this little survivor, and Cinderella found a home. But it wasn’t until a trip to a local dog park that this fairytale came full circle…

One afternoon, Cinderella, who usually stayed close to her family, began playing with another dog named Mufasa. In fact, they were inseparable. Then it happened. Cinderella’s guardian suddenly recalled seeing Mufasa at the ASPCA Adoption Center. He was one of the dogs rescued in Tennessee with Cinderella!

In a very big city, these two had found each other. And the moment was magical. To this day, they remain the best of friends. After surviving the unthinkable, they were given a second chance.  Others are not so lucky—countless others are still waiting to be rescued.

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