From Here to There and Back

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From Here to There and Back

If your goal is to go from Los Angeles to San Francisco it is a simple procedure to look at a map and determine the route you wish to take. Take the coast route on Highway 101 and enjoy the leisurely seven hour drive through colorful Mission Towns, some with scenic vistas of the Pacific Ocean, the citrus trees as you pass through Ventura and further along the green fertile fields of the Salinas Valley. Or if time is a factor, take Highway 5 north through the San Joaquin Valley and arrive at your destination two hours earlier but travel through the less scenic, barren brown hills of the Central Valley. Either way you choose, you will eventually arrive at San Francisco, your destination.

Like most human beings, I spend an inordinate amount of time seeking answers to what some call unanswerable questions and challenging statements like, “matter cannot be destroyed, merely changed in form.” My brother-in-law Bill Kelly who had a mathematician’s mind and was a whole lot smarter than me, continued that statement with, “Place a log a fireplace and set it afire, the log represents one example of stored energy, when you set it afire you change it from a solid to a gas. The result is heat and smoke, the heat representing the frictionally stored energy and the smoke the remainder of what cannot be changed into heat! Stored heat is the basis for all forms of matter from a log in a fireplace to a bolt of lightning caused by friction within a cloud. Molecules bump and rub against one another causing friction that generates electromotive force, which is represented by a bolt of lightning when it can no longer be stored in the cloud.” Now I am not arguing for or against my brother-in-law’s theory, I am just reporting to you what he told me. I have no reason to doubt that he was misinformed or reached an incorrect conclusion in forming his theory so I adopt it in mine…Whew!

Before we go any further let me remind all of you former high school chemistry students of the basics of those theories.

Mass= A collection of orgainized matter.

Matter= A collection of particles.

Particle= A collection of molecules.

Molecule= A collection ions.

Ion= An unbalanced atom.

Atom= A combination of a nucleus, protons, electrons and sub-atomic particles such as quarks, neutrinos and the elusive Higgs bosun, the God particle that is theorized as being the glue that creates mass in the universe. Some say without it the universe would be a cloud of gas unable to solidify into stars or planets. However, it has yet to be proven to exist. Scientists say they are near proving it at the huge 17-mile particle accelerator in Switzerland, but have not been able to offer proof that it actually exists as yet. Then if the existence of the Higgs bosun is proved, there is reason to search for anti-matter, the unproven reflection of matter. Perhaps what we see in the mirror?

I am fascinated with the ebb and flow of our life force and what it actually means. I spend hours contemplating just what we are, how we got here, and where we are going. In spending all of those hours of thinking, dreaming, seeking answers, the beginnings of what may be a theory, a map, of who we are is beginning to emerge in my mind. I must say, from the outset, my contemplations are mostly of me and my family so I make no claim that my theory applies to anyone else. It may be a totally personal thing.

I also have to tell you that I am not a trained scientist or a learned theologian. I rely on a collection of life experiences and observations to sustain my desire to write about things, about some of which I really know very little. I have only the teachings of that “Broad highway of information” as Al Gore put it, the Internet, to qualify me as learned enough to even broach the subject(s) I am about to propose. However, I have a PhD in imagination! My doctorial diploma is 81 years of living on this planet with all of the ups and downs life offers and the personal foibles living that life has brought me.
So here is my theory, for what its worth.

I think we all realize that we are different. No two human beings are EXACTLY alike, not even identical twins. Obvious differences in our makeup such as appearance, habits, mentality and yes even skin color denote only where we originated physically and who our forebears were.
With modern day DNA testing, scientists can tell us not only to whom we are related but where our pre-decedents came from and to which branch of Homo Sapiens Erectus we belong .

To make any sense out of this theory we have to start in the kitchen of existence. Somewhere, somehow, someone, much smarter than me, came up with a recipe for life. Unless you are one who subscribes to the “total accident” theory, or an absolute creationist, you must join me in the kitchen of creation while I try to imagine what happened around the time of the “Big Bang”.

A recipe of atoms, ions, molecules and the resulting electromotive force (Or is it the other way around?) associated with those building blocks of matter must have all been thrown into the Mix Master of all time and thoroughly stirred until the Master Chef achieved the basis for life. (Remember, these thoughts are from MY imagination of how life may have begun and where it goes after death.)

In a laboratory, the basis for electromotive force can be proved beyond a doubt so the existence of the basic matter of life must be true. I can’t remember when or where I read it but some mathematician, asserted that the size of our solar system is inversely proportionate to that of an atom, with its nucleus representing our sun, and the electrons representing the planets. Now you know what I mean when I say it takes intelligence much greater than mine to figure these things out but since someone else has, its fun to use them in my lesser theories of how we came to be.

Following the trail of how I suppose creation occurred, from the atom to the ion to the molecule to electromotive force to matter, to mass is not as easy as it may sound. Sure laboratory tests tell us that certain things do actually exist, but who put them together to make anything of substance. As I said earlier some believe in a greater power, God, while others expound that we are all one big accident. No affront intended to either theory but I choose to follow my own course on the sea of Mother Nature’s understanding.

Is it possible then that because electromotive force is basically an atomic reaction to friction, and can never be destroyed, (like the log in the fireplace), merely changed in form then electrical energy that makes up our thoughts (measurable brain waves) is also indestructible and if so, where does it go after it is conscious thought?

Let’s take that thought another step into the realm of possibility. If our conscious thoughts, whose basis is not necessarily mass, cannot be destroyed then can the material organization of the mass of our bodily existence be destroyed? Or is it merely changed due to some unfathomable action or reaction? Our bodies, the temple of our thoughts, are alike in basic makeup. They contain the same basic matter of all existing life forms, so when they DIE, is that the end of their existence or are they merely reorganized?

Let’s suppose that they, like the electrical brain waves still exist, but in another form. Is there truly a heaven where our dearly departed gather after reorganization from mass to gas? Is there another formless existence that is another part of this life experience? If my theory (is it really a theory or just the musings of an old man trying to explain life?) is correct, then life is indestructible and is a continuous flow from one cloud to the next, with rest areas in between.

I still feel the presence of my mother in our home. She passed on here six years ago but I still feel her at my side when I write. I especially feel her presence when I go to bed. I have even imagined seeing her hovering over me, much like she did my whole life, helping me along through the pitfalls and mistakes we all make.

So dear reader, whether you ascribe to my theory or not, please be careful how you talk about the hereafter, for it may not be too long before you experience it yourself.

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