Yard Sale Zen

Nov 12, 2011 by

Yard Sale Zen

Last weekend I had a yard sale.

There is a Zen to yard sales.

Yard sales – they are interesting events. At a yard sale, people show you all kinds of things about themselves, whether or not they intend to.

Some come to buy.
Some come to wander.
Some come to haggle.
Some come to browse.
Some come to steal.
Some come to talk.

Moreover, each has their own motivation: collecting, redecorating, acquiring, socializing, bartering, shopping or just having.

I enjoy hosting a yard sale.

I find it fun for a couple of reasons. One reason, people meander about looking at all my old odds and ends, my stuff which no longer fits neatly into my space. All the while, these same people are trying to decide what of my stuff, if any, would now fit neatly into their space to become their new odds and ends.

Another reason is, I like games. I tend to think of a yard sale as a game, one of my favorite types of games too, one where everyone who wants to play gets to win. I like win-win games.

Win-win, is the premise of how I negotiate.

The yard sale game goes like this:

If I have something and don’t want it, you want it, but don’t have to have it, we can start hitting the balls of “How much?” and “What if” back and forth across the net until we find the price you are willing to pay for something you want, but don’t need – the very same something I don’t want, but currently have.

Most importantly, in the end, if we played the game in the way I most enjoy, you own what you didn’t need for a price that makes you feel like you got the deal you needed to pay for what you don’t need. And I’m free of what I don’t want at a price that makes me feel like I got what I wanted for what I didn’t want.

See, we have both gotten exactly what we wanted for what neither of us needed. It is a combination that perfectly illuminates the blissful state of a deal well done.

Yard sales, they are very interesting events

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  1. LOLOLOL!!! Seems like you may have been there!!! 😉

  2. See Brookie; You’ve been to Mickey Mouse Tea Parties…You just hosted one in your yard but how much Green Tea did you sell? I’ll bet Valli was busy pouring all day…Double AAAAGH!!!!!

  3. I. Hanley

    My dear Brookie —