Reasons why we sing

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Reasons why we sing

It’s been one of those summers. You think things are going one way, then suddenly life throws a curve, and then a curve back, and all of the sudden you feel like you are on an endless slalom. The ride can be fun, but when you find yourself passing very big trees at a very fast pace, you pray you stay alive until you reach the bottom of the slope. I’m not even a skier, but I can certainly see the parallels. Life reminded me this summer that I must stay present – that I must live in the current moment and not get mired in the past or develop unfounded fear of the future.

As we began to finalize our programming for season 31, it occurred to me that individual words can be touchstones to bring us back to now – particularly operative words that keep us engaged, reminding us of what is important and what is not. For me, it made sense to make a list and combine them into a word cloud that serves as a reminder of not only what the AGMC does, but most importantly why we do it. Those words are part of our season graphic (below).

On our Facebook page, we’re posting every Thursday (our regular rehearsal day) reasons why we sing. Today’s is not the happiest of reasons. This is a day filled with hues of purple, reminding us of the power that bullies can have over us – power that only we can give away or take back. Unfortunately, some young people haven’t developed the strength to take that power back. Many don’t even know they had it to start with.

We sing for these people – people who may have lost their lives in a hate crime, or taken their own lives because of the hatred they felt. We also sing to celebrate victories like the repeal of DADT. There are many reasons. But most of all, we sing because speaking just isn’t enough.

Remembering why the AGMC has been around for three decades, I am happy to announce the 31st season. Join us!


Kevin Robison

Artistic Director

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  1. Kevin; Your stated reasons for singing are profound, however, I urge you not to forget the primary factor, ie. the joy you bring to those lucky enough to hear you. I have heard you twice and as a former entertainer and singer, I am filled with joy when your beautiful voices fill the air around me. You are an exceptional group of men doing exceptional work for all of us. Thank you. JWSIII