Full Speed Ahead

Sep 21, 2011 by

Full Speed Ahead

How do you sail through your life?

What I am asking you is if you are the Captain of your life’s journey or a Passenger on your voyage?

Do you choose to accept responsibility for making the decisions about the course you intend to take? Or, do you prefer to look out across the vastness accepting whatever port you find yourself docking in?

Which option have you chosen?

Is this the itinerary you planned?
Is this the voyage you imagined it would be?
Is this a trip you like?

It is, in the end, your personal ship and your life’s odyssey. Are you making it the adventure of a lifetime?

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  1. Yes, John!! Great thoughts!! I think it is a question well set to reflection!

  2. John W. Strobel III

    Brookie; You can ask the damnedest questions… I would submit that no one can answer that question completely until he/she are on their deathbed. It is only at the end of life that we have an opportrunity to judge our voyage through stormy or calm waters and which port (s) we selected to tie up in. However, while you are plying the waters of life, I think personal choices on deportment are like fresh grapes expected to become fine wine. It takes an expert to guide the grapes through the aging process and constant testing and so it is with one’s life. Follow the advice of experts who have already sailed the oceans and you’ll make a wonderful sailor and eventually Captain of your ship…JWSIII