How Useful is Wisdom

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How Useful is Wisdom

When you delve into your inner wisdom you realize how much there is to learn in life and about life. You realize you cannot do it all alone. You realize that gaining wisdom from all sources is like having a multi-purpose fertilizer on your life path.

Eleanor Roosevelt, in her autobiography, alluded to benefits of wisdom-gathering: “Autobiographies are, after all, useful only as the lives you read about and analyze may suggest to you something that you may find useful in your own journey through life.” There, you already gleaned wisdom from her.

But, beware, dear friends. Wisdom unto itself, that is, gathering the wisdom but not acting on it is like yadda yadda yadda, everyone having an opinion but not using their inner wisdom to turn wisdom-opinion into wisdom-action. When you use the wisdom you gather, you feel good about yourself and society benefits from your actions. In other words, you have to walk the talk.

Swiss businessman Henri Dunant knew this. He saw 40,000 dead and wounded soldiers on the battlefield in Solferino, Italy in 1859. He realized the horror he witnessed could not just be talked about if humans were to learn and move forward. Something concrete needed to be done. So, in 1864, he established the International Committee of the Red Cross for medical purposes. He used his inner wisdom to right a world’s wrong.

You, too, can use your inner wisdom – gained from intuition or outer learning experiences – to right a world wrong, or a family wrong, or a co-worker’s wrong, or….. You can do it. That is why wisdom exists.

That is why the lessons of wisdom-gathering must be seen, not just talked about. An historic example: Dwight Eisenhower’s mother used her inner wisdom to handle fairness among her eight sons. She would put out a dessert then say, “Now one of you is to divide it, and the other is to get first choice.”

Like her, you, too, can use your inner Minerva R Socrates wisdom to creatively find ways that are seen to be fair for the people in your life, and the world out there. That’s what wisdom is here for.

Remember, Minerva R Socrates is really the wisdom within you.

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