3 College Students, 2 Charities, 1 Great Adventure

Aug 6, 2011 by

3 College Students, 2 Charities, 1 Great Adventure

On Sunday, August 7th at noon, Skate Treks For Charity ends a 13 day, 260 mile, push-powered journey down the coast of California.  Their goal has been to raise money and awareness for their two favorite charities, Mourning Star Center and Camp Erin. Both children’s charities help youth who have suffered the loss of a loved one find their way safely through the grieving process.

All three STFC skaters have lost significant loved ones in their short lives.  They all volunteer at these two charities helping other young people through a process with which they are all too familiar.

At the end of day 4 of their trek, Brooke Leigh Sheldon of The Moments Count Journal caught up with the trekkers at their camp site in Gaviota State Beach campground.  Here is the interview.

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