Are you the poison or the antidote?

Aug 10, 2011 by

Are you the poison or the antidote?

I was just thinking “Don’t our words and actions speak so much about us? And don’t the things we say about others really reflect the type of people we are?”

I suppose when you become more aware and begin observing your world; you do start noticing this kind of thing more.

I know some of you may think ‘Hey here’s another crazy gal’, but for those of you, who are open to perhaps making some little difference, please read on.

Sometimes when I am listening to others, it cuts me all up inside at what they say and do to others, their tongues have become sharpened daggers which never miss their targets, their actions become deadly missiles of destruction always reaching their destination. And here’s the scary bit, most people aren’t actually aware that they are doing this. They are in a position of hurt and pain themselves, and they have reacted unconsciously with poison.

And the crazy thing is, we are surrounded by it and it has become so socially acceptable to gossip, criticise, judge and talk about others, that you could listen in on a conversation almost anywhere and see the same threads being woven. It’s become acceptable to live in a tit for tat world… or has it?

We have a choice, we always have a choice, to not gossip, to not complain, to not judge, to not take an action that will affect another in a harmful way, to not think those thoughts at all… we have a choice to be an antidote, and when we change, others change, or else they stop distributing their poison in your company, they just won’t feel comfortable about it anymore.

So poison or antidote? What will it be for you today?

Photo Credit: Johnny Grim @ Flickr

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