Shoot 4 Change: Next Generation (Rome)

Jul 13, 2011 by

Shoot 4 Change: Next Generation (Rome)

Shoot 4 Change The Next Generation

In May we reported on Shoot 4 Change’s project “Next Generation.”  We are pleased to bring you an update on the success they are finding with this project in Rome. …Moments Count

How do you teach photography to those who have it already inside?

How do you make love photography those who see it daily on the Net, social networks, mobile phones? How do you explain how to manage, understand and use the light starting at an early age?

We launched a new project: SHOOT 4 CHANGE Next Generation.

We kickstarted it holding free classes for some students of the Di Donato school in Rome (a real social laboratory in the heart of a multi-ethnic neighborhood in Rome) . The goal was not only to bring kids close to photography, providing some basics techniques, but also to begin training a new generation of future storytellers…

We’re going to launch soon similar initiatives in other parts of the world (Costa Rica, Spain, bangladesh) and we’ll connect all these kids around the World.

And they’ll communicate among each other only with their reportage on common topics.

What we experienced at this school, the Di Donato, was amazing and formative only for the kids (I hope), but also and especially for us (I’m sure). We have learned ourselves how to talk about complex concepts in simple terms. And we coped with an unexpected , simple, naive creativity. A very FREE one.

We rely a lot on these kids, because they will tell – soon- what we will not be able to tell.

So, Ladies and Getlemen….here is the… Shoot 4 Change the NEXT GENERATION!