Are You Living ‘Deliberately’?

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Are You Living ‘Deliberately’?











“I went to the woods to live deliberately so that I might not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived,” said Henry David Thoreau.

He used his inner wisdom to realize he needed to know why he was here on Planet Earth. Thoreau never wanted regrets.

He went on to explain: “All people want, not something to do with, but something to do, or rather something to be.” He wanted and needed to feel fulfilled in life.

We all do.

In “Your Must: Your Purpose in Life” it explains: “Throughout your life, you feel a particular deep sense that seems to be pulling you toward doing something special. That something special does not depend on external circumstances. That something special is mutually beneficial to you and society. That something special is your purpose for being here. It is your Must. Your Must gives your life meaning.”

When you choose to use your inner wisdom you know that you, and all of us, are here for more than to propagate the species. That “something more” not only benefits society, but it also makes you feel needed.

And, it makes you feel unique.

In his book about Virginia’s James River, Bob Deans wrote that a river “takes its identity from its history, the course it follows, what lies along the banks that trace its shores, the richness of its waters, and the power of its flow.” Think of yourself as a flowing river. You may not be able to choose such things as the banks you touch, but you can decide how you will react when you hit those banks. Your river-life course is set by choices you make. And one of them might be that you choose to follow a making-a-positive-difference path.

The positive difference you make may be known to but a few. Or you may make the headlines. No matter. What does matter is that you choose to listen to all those intuitive whispers and outside shouts you get when you learn from life’s experiences.

What matters is you choose to use your inner wisdom to direct your life-river course. That is how you create your positive life path history – the one that is your purpose in life.

That is when you live “deliberately”.

Rochelle Burns, PhD is the author of: Wisdom For 7 Days…And The Rest Of Your Life


Photo Credit:  rpudney @ Flickr

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