Cynicism is a cinch

Jun 29, 2011 by

Cynicism is a cinch

I have come to a realization. Cynicism is a cinch!

Perhaps you know some people who are true masters of cynicism. Let me help you identify them. They are pretty easy to recognize. They may say things like:

“It won’t work!”

“You can’t do it.”

“No. It’s impossible.”

“You’ll never do be able to.”

“We already tried something like that. It doesn’t work.”

See that!!! Wow!!! Cynicism is easy.

giant boulder that has fallen onto the highwayYou just have to commit to stepping back from progress. You simply choose to embrace negativity. You only have to look for any possibility for failure, then never provide solutions for success. In addition, if you look down the road, always be sure to see only the roadblocks which could stop you from reaching your destination and none of the detours providing you with a new route to success.

An added benefit is the vocabulary is so easy to remember:


See, cynicism is cinch!!!

However, I’ve never been good at it. That danged “hope” thing keeps getting in my way. Plus, I keep forgetting to turn off all these problem-solving habits. And, I seem to always be stumbling over those inevitable possibilities.

Guess you can’t be good at everything…….

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  1. I here for you, Peju!!! And ready for bottle filling up duty, my friend!!! 🙂 Love your commitment!!!

  2. ha! ha!!

    Brooke, yes that thing called “hope” such a bummer you have it in huge doses. you know, maybe i could bottle you up and spread it around me everywhere i go, i definitely need more hope in my line of work! 🙂

  3. Doing what I can for the cause, dear Gale!!! : )

  4. I tell you that optimism-thingy is a long road. Thank you for the uplift!