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I am in perpetual motion whether in ideas or actions.

For me, I have come to recognize that I live much of my life in a state of “Passion”.

That’s right, passion.

I bring it to the projects I embrace,
to the learning I search for
and to the research I stride into.
I bring it to the network of relationships I share.
And I, most definitely, bring it to the critical personal reflection I insist on.

Passion is energy.
It’s drive. It’s belief. It’s commitment. It’s intention.

The word itself “Passion” is defined as “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling”.

So, what motivates “passion” in you?

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  1. I love your lengthy missives!!! Never hesitate to missive-away, Donnie!!!!

  2. And they’re waiting for you, Johnny!!! Write about them all!! We love it!!!!

  3. Yay, Cassandra!!!! Rock on!!!

  4. cassandra

    Passion. I couldn’t live with life’s suffering without passion. Passion is a fire in my body/mind/spirit that pushes me away from the comfortable and toward the unknown. It fuels my curiosity and gives me the energy, willingness and courage to dive deep into whatever is before me in this moment. It helps remind me to be authentic. All my life I’ve been told to: Slow down; calm down; be more practical; not get so excited; not call attention to myself; not disagree; act my age; be more conservative; not rock the boat; be still; be quiet. Not gonna happen. I have, finally, grown to love all of who I am. My passion for life is a precious gift. As a therapist, it is a gift I can pass on to those I am honored to assist on their own journey. Often I ask the question: “What makes your heart sing?’.
    Life makes my heart sing. I am filled with gratitude. Blessed Be~~~Namaste~~~

  5. Ahhhhh! Passion, just saying the word sends tingles up and down my spine. Defining my passion for things I write, or think, or say is not as easy as one might think. In the quiet world of the California high desert I live a very passionate life. I am up and at my computer writing by four o’clock in the morning so I watch that incredible ball of fire, the sun, rise over my world and not only light up my presence, but promise me warmth and growth. As an octagenarian I can be reflective and say I have lived and enoyed my passionate life as well as I could, with fervor and optimism. I was even passionate in the mistakes I made but I never, never, ever regretted being passionate
    in living the life I lived or playing the hand I was dealt. From a somewhat celebrated broadcast journalist to lowly casino bartender I truely loved my life and in living that life, all of the wonderful “people I met along the way”…And, God willing, there are still a few more out there to meet with whom to share my passion for life. JWSIII

  6. Donna Morask

    Ah passion… a word I have used to describe myself as I am correcting someone who is admonishing me for being too escalated, angry, upset, excitable, and many other words wrongly applied in the moment. In my work world, people for the most part “politely disagree”. Somehow that ability has never come easy for me. I’m not even sure I want the ability, skill, or strategy; other words to describe “politely disagree”. I too am driven by my passion, and I have discovered I am passionate about a good many things, all of which are about principles, people, and doing the right thing. Thinking about my many passions in light of “moments”, I have discovered a new perspective. For if we deny expression of our passions in the moment, and they bring harm or disrespect to no one, then we have given up a little bit of an opportunity to fully live our lives.

    What motivates passion in me….? a star filled sky on a clear night, watching the sun go down, signaling the end of another day drawing near, the roar of the ocean as the waves crash against the shore, the beautiful smile of innocent children who have not yet forgotten how to live and love in the moment, a look of accomplishment on person’s face when they are surprised and delighted with what they have just achieved… there are so many motivating passions in my life. A sad song, an angry song, a poignant song, feeling the love and caring of others who mean it with all their hearts.
    At the risk of this comment turning into a lengthy missive, I encourage everyone to find their passions, reflect on the things that move and excite you, and most of all, embrace your passions; whatever they may be. Namaste