Moments Count El Capitan, Yosemite, CA

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El Capitan, Yosemite, CA

Two times the height of New York City’s Empire State Building, El Capitan towers over California’s Yosemite Valley like a fortress. It was precisely this taunting impressiveness that lured early climbers and established Yosemite as the birthplace of climbing in the United States. One of the most storied routes is The Nose, a beautiful schnoz of rock that has become a prize for avid climbers. Warren Harding’s first ascent of the route took 45 days in 1958, and Lynn Hill cemented her legendary status with the first free climb, previously thought impossible, in 1993. Now, speed climbers race up it in hours, but most mortals take between three and five days to sweat up the 30-plus pitches of up to 5.14. They come for the hard granite, some of the most beautiful cracks in the world, and, perhaps most of all, to follow in the footsteps of legends. Return to Gallery

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