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Thanks to the Jaws movie franchise, entire generations of otherwise adventurous people mortally fear great white sharks. Except for a few brave souls, that is, who have swum with them cageless and unharmed, such as adventurer Jeb Corliss, whose team is pictured off Mexico. Those few have figured out that even though the apex predators are some of the world’s largest sharks, humans aren’t their natural prey. “We swim less than a foot away and it just passes by,” says Amos Nachoum, a big-animal photographer who runs trips to see megafauna in the wild. Swimming with great whites takes patience, vigilance, the humility to retreat quickly, and, perhaps above all, guts. But, says Nachoum, “it is a spiritual experience. It’s the unbearable lightness of being, seeing the beauty of such a creature.” Return to Gallery

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