Moments Count Climbers ascending mountain.

Jun 8, 2011 by

climbers ascending mountain

Humans are perhaps the only species that self-impose challenges, and standing at the highest point on every continent, such as Russia’s Mount Elbrus (pictured), has long been a coveted one to conquer. Accomplishing this requires serious mountaineering skills, time, money, and guts. But those who succeed share the honor with a few hundred people, depending on which seven peaks you consider the highest, which is debated with regard to Oceania. Still, since the first titles were clinched by Dick Bass and Pat Morrow in 1985 and 1986, respectively, the Seven Summits have attracted climbers from all walks: 17-year-olds and 73-year-olds, skiers and climbers, Japanese and Latvians, Kuwaitis and Chileans. Perhaps the lure of mountains is indeed universal.

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