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For decades, wolves were seen as evil, as well as dangerous to livestock, so ranchers and the federal government shot, clubbed, poisoned and trapped them.

But wolves are playful and learn how to survive and thrive through play, developing their strength, agility, and coordination. We must do the same.

wolf and pupsWolf packs are models of efficiency and sharing. They know how to work as a team. We must do the same.

Wolves put the education, protection, and mentoring of their young first. We must do the same.

Wolves assume their full share of responsibility for the welfare of the pups and realize that the young are their future. We must do the same.

Wolves cooperate, collaborate, and work in harmony. We must do the same.

Wolves have unrelenting perseverance, and respond to an unsuccessful hunt by simply trying again and again until they succeed. We must do the same.

The American Indian respected and revered the wolf for his intelligence, his family, his cleverness, and his hunting abilities. We must do the same.

Chris is author of Shooting In The Wild

Image courtesy of First People

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