A Leader ?

Oct 1, 2009 by

A Leader ?

Are you a “Leader”?
I don’t ask you the question as a challenge.
I don’t ask you the question as an insight.

I’m simply asking you a question.
And, I don’t know whether or not you have your own answer.

But, I will ask you to consider my question with honesty.

If you are a ‘Leader’ you are tremendously necessary to this world of ours.
We are a gifted and an empowered planet.
We need leaders.

We need conscientious and informed debate and problem solving.

The answer to my initial question will be “no”, for many of you.

To those of you who in pride or in hesitation choose “no” as the most honest answer to that question allow me to hand you an observation to twirl around in the elegant light of your consciousness.

Your current truth of yourself may be changed by an act that moves you,
an idea that motivates you,
a horror that challenges you,
an adventure that educates you,
a crisis that alters you,
a milestone that compels you,
a phenomenon that excites you,
an emergency that galvanizes you,
a life that inspires you,
a love that defines you.

I am not attempting, in anyway, to deny your understanding or belief in your “self” or your concept of your “self”. My point is simply, our life redefines us in ways we never expect. When this happens — we change. It is as if the energy swirling within us and around us marshals forces of movement, impelling us to engage capabilities, skills, powers and understanding seemingly greater and/or more directed than we’ve retrieved before.

And I offer you this additional thought. Trust the change.

But, until it comes, if it ever comes….. I ask you to be the leader of that, which by its very definition, ONLY you can be the leader of – your INTEGRITY.