The Shortcut

May 18, 2011 by

The Shortcut

We all have to pull our thoughts together sometimes. We have to wander in our heads to find the correct road to the destination within us where our answers are awaiting.

I have discovered a short cut.

I can’t say my short cut will work for you. I don’t know the inner journeys you take to get to your space of “knowing”, your arrival at “Got it!”.

But I’m absolutely happy to share my short cut with you. It’s simple really – – look through the trees and find the sky.

That’s it.

Brooke Sheldon 1987There was no intention behind this realization’s evolution. I’ve always spent a lot of time outdoors, the closer to natural the better. Somewhere in those spaces of time I learned the sky brings me directly to my center and then clarity materializes with the powerful trees seeming to point right up to the enlightening invisible pictures of my answers.

You might next ask, “Hey, Brooke!! What happens when you’re inside or there are no trees?”

I’d smile back at you, with joy, and say, “That is what imaginations are good for!!!”

So my friend, next time you find yourself wandering through the wilderness of your mind carrying a satchel overloaded with a perplexing predicament, perhaps you might want to relax, kick back and look up………

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  1. LOLOL!!! But after all, that’s what I already hit on, in the article, that’s what the “imagination” part is about….. : )

  2. It’s like the disappearing act at the magic show. Actually it’s more like, “Damn it’s cold out here.”

  3. “you mean they shrink?” lmao

  4. ya, but I blamed it on the cold water, just like George Kastanza.

  5. David Traub via Facebook

    Guys have to learn that sometimes that’s all that is required.

  6. LMAO Wajja, I am the same way….I have just learned after all these years that I can’t “fix” everything for everyone….all i can do is be there to listen like I always have..

  7. Wajja Theman via Facebook

    Constantly. Then again, I think I think too much… maybe I need to look for my nose first…

  8. David Traub via Facebook

    Just don’t look out for the Karma so hard that you step in the Dogma.

  9. I believe if we really look, the answer is there…

  10. David Traub via Facebook

    It sounds akin to being in touch with whatever you call your “Higher power”. I play in the garden and play with the dogs or even immerse myself in cleaning (my own) house! Sometimes I paint or wallpaper, anything where I can be alone with my thoughts and relax enough to let the answer happen.

  11. Barbara R. Epstein via Facebook

    Yes, yes, and yes…. it takes me a long time…. but the waiting time gives me a chance to get clearer on what will work best for me…….. usually.