Do you eat the donut hole?

May 18, 2011 by

Do you eat the donut hole?

‘Don’t miss the donut by looking through the hole’ –Unknown (quote)

Is your life like a donut? Are you looking through the hole, focusing on what’s missing and on what’s wrong?

Far too many of us have a tendency to do this. We fail to see the donut (the life) we have.

tray of donutsWe fail to appreciate what we actually do have, the abundance. No matter how much we complain today, most of us cannot deny that our basic needs are met. We have food, water, air, some form of clothing, somewhere to sleep. Simple things, yes, but true appreciation lies in simplicity, if we can recognize and be grateful for these things, then everything else is a bonus. Oh you may want and even think you need much, much more than these few things, but if a Tsunami swept away everything tomorrow, ask yourself , ‘What would I need then?’ Would a big television or car or house still be top of your list? Or would you be content to have any blanket available, any spare tent, any cup of water, any clothing to keep you warm, any lungful of air that was not contaminated?

We focus not only on what is lacking in our lives, but also on what is going wrong. I often hear people complain that everything is going wrong, and I used to do this too. Now I realise that it was just my perception, it was just that things didn’t go according to MY PLAN! Things didn’t go MY WAY.

In the end, though, on hindsight, I realize that things worked out for the highest good of all. The universe always knows best! We just have to trust that, in the end, the things that happen in our lives usually work out for the best. I laugh to myself at all the little twists and turns now. I sit back and observe with wonderment now and ask myself where will this all lead, I wonder what will happen now ? I have learned to accept that things may not always go my way. I’ve become more flexible to life, allowing, surrendering, without giving up that is!

So for all of you who are looking into the nothingness – the hole – who are looking at the lack and all that is wrong, perhaps now might be as good a moment as any to take stock, to blink a few times and take a look at your life from another perspective.

You see… we only have this one life… it is very; very short… don’t you want to make it matter? I know I do.

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  1. Donna, I am tempted to do that. I have an electric donut maker (concept is similar to a waffle iron). They are much healthier than Deep fried!

  2. Time to make the donuts….

  3. I was sated! However, I usually don’t have a bedtime snack! Thanks Brooke, it was a nice treat!

  4. yum! Also sounds good…and better for you;)

  5. no donuts available so will toast an English muffin and smoother it with cream cheese (right now!).

  6. See Brooke! I told you! Now I want another! I think it is that photo, Rita;)

  7. I know, that picture really gets ya’!!!

  8. I am now hungry for a donut! Literally!

  9. I just make donut holes and then you don’t have to worry about it 😉

  10. I know I’ll look through the hole to decide WHICH donut to have!!! : D

  11. Judith L. Goldfarb via Facebook

    As opposed to a donut hole, my life, my lovely marriage is a whole donut!

  12. Now I must have doughnuts!!!….on the other hand,…..the holes have no calories! 😉 (or taste:(

  13. Cage LaCapitan via Facebook

    i enjoying eating the dough that was removed to make the hole