To Teach

May 4, 2011 by

To Teach

Teaching is for me an almost ideal profession.

Yes, it is exhausting, stressful, and (in terms of mere money) poorly paying.  However, it is also transformative.

It forces me to face my limitations, fears, and insecurities and grow.  It forces me to be bold, to dare to care, to practice compassion.  It asks me to participate in the construction of understanding.  It allows me to view my cultural inheritance through a critical, but appreciative lens.  It can be stressful and scary, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.  It offers real possibilities for changing the world for the better, and improving students’ lives.

Since students see through illusions and lies, it  forces me to be real.  It develops my cognitive abilities on multiple levels while expanding my interests and the range of my experience.  It forces me to engage and to be engaged.  It demands, but it often fulfills.

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  1. …as am I, my dear Janie!!! oxo : )

  2. thank you so much Brooke – So glad we found each other on FB – thanks my friend

  3. You are very welcome, and thanks for all your beautiful contributions, my sweet Janie!!! ‘Cuz we are all so enriched by the truth and wisdom shared….. and you are a gift of both my sweet, lovely friend!!! oxo!! ♡

  4. You are one great gal Brooke – thanks for all of your grest posts

  5. I am lucky enough to say that every school year has ended with my joy and appreciation for the gift of having learned at least as much, if not more, from my diverse, individual and unique students as I’ve ever attempted to lay before them. ♡ : )

  6. Caroll Houser via Facebook

    Do you remember how we used to screen tutors? We’d ask them how would you teach someone to do XXX? If they answered, “First I’d show them…” we wouldn’t choose that person. If they said, “First I’d ask them….” those were the ones that got through.

  7. From my experience, the weakest teachers come to the task feeling like they are there to impart their own knowledge and values. Teaching should not be indoctrination. Wherever I have taught, my students have come with their own rich cultures, beliefs, histories, which have enriched me. A good teacher does not teach kids the right answers. A good teacher teaches kids to ask the right questions. Standardized tests? Don’t get me started.

  8. Alas, whether we like it or not.

  9. Caroll Houser via Facebook

    In every way, we teach by example, Jane. 🙂

  10. In many ways we can teach by example

  11. I really like this comment Kristen, especially now as it seems I will be part of LB unified’s 700 and something’s laid off…:( agh! It’s really hard when something is taken away from you and you have no control over the situation in some respects… only the way in which you respond to it. Long Beach laid off most of the elementary teachers hired from the year 2000 and on…

  12. Caroll Houser via Facebook

    For me, teaching is finding a way to get someone else to see things as I do, and when the light comes on in their eyes, it’s better than sex. It’s a mind to mind connection.

  13. hardest thing about teaching is finding someone to listen to me.

  14. I heard an interview on NPR (I should make a better habit of remembering names) in which a fellow said, of working, something along these lines: If your paycheck is the most important reason you to work each day, you have a job. If you are motivated by a desire for advancement or approval by colleagues or superiors, you have a career. However, if you love what you do because of the intrinsic rewards, because you can make a difference in the world, then, you have a calling.For some, teaching is a job, for others, a career. I thinking teaching should always be a calling, as it seems to be for Adam Pearson.