Life Storms

Apr 27, 2011 by

Life Storms

Today I witnessed firsthand, parts of the storm damage from the tornadoes that struck St. Louis on Friday evening (which I very narrowly escaped…) and all I can tell you is that I could hardly believe my eyes! What I saw on CNN, national and local news, was surprising to me…and probably what I found most amazing was that with so much damage there was no loss of life! To witness this devastation in person was a real shock to me…and I did not expect to be so dumbfounded by witnessing what the wind can and did do so close to where I live!

I could not understand why it shocked me since I had seen the reports on the news…but I think it was then that I realized…we see the horrors of these natural disasters on television with more and more frequency lately, and I expect we tend to be somewhat desensitized…getting the gist of the event from a protected perspective…then, seeing it firsthand…it suddenly becomes very REAL…allowing us to better understand the magnitude of what friends in Christchurch, NZ, and in my home state of NC, and of course what the people of Japan, and Haiti, etc. have expressed after actually experiencing these things in a far more true and sensory way. My heart goes out to those who suffer from circumstances such as these! May you find resilience to rebuild and heal within your supportive communities!

As for the rest of us…the next time we turn on the television and hear of something extremely destructive that possibly even involves loss of life…maybe we will choose to look a little more closely…feel a little more compassionately…and remind ourselves that it isn’t just a story…it’s somebody’s real life!

Photo Credit:  Lionel @ Flickr

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  1. Adele, this is a great article. I was Director of Logistics for a medical lab when the Loma Prieta quake hit. I visited the area shortly afterward to help my staff figure out how to cope with road closures, etc. I still remember the shock of the damage – and I couldn’t get close to the worst damage – I just saw the houses thrown off their foundations, the collapsed roofs, enormous cracks in buildings and in roads. And people in varying states of shock and trauma.

  2. Donna Morask

    Becoming desensitized to natural disasters, or unnatural disasters for that matter, has become part of the human condition for so many. Every time I visit Phoenix AZ, and watch the news, it is filled with video of horrific car crashes where real people loose their lives, and become entangled in the steel and plastic that once was a vehicle. It always stands out to me that fatalities from vehicular accidents always seem to lead the news, or figure prominently in there anyway. Weather related catastrophes have over taken the air ways and we now watch devastation world wide, often in real time right here on the internet!

    It is all more than a story. There are real people affected, and more people connected to them, who also are affected. Yes Adele, your point is well taken. It’s about someone’s real life. Good reminder.