The Music In You

Apr 13, 2011 by

The Music In You

Hey, what if I were to catch you in your happiest of moments and whisper to you…… “What’s the music you hear?”

You’d probably glance over at me and say, “What music?!”

Then I’d say, “That music….”, and point at you.

Whereupon, you’d probably eye me as if you were looking for something, likely my clutch on reality, and say, “What are you talking about?”

Then I’d say, “You seem totally happy today!!”

You’d probably wonder why I was now trying to change the subject. Or, wonder was this further indication I’d surely slipped the bonds of psychological stability. Then you might slowly answer and say, “Yes. I am happy. But, what music were you hearing?”

I would smile at you and note, “No, I asked you what’s the music you hear?”

Now you would switch gears. Becoming a little concerned that I’m now questioning your sanity, you’d potentially, say in an extremely calm and well-modulated tone, making every attempt to completely assure me that you, naturally would never hear anything which was not actually there, as you carefully study my expression, “ I don’t hear any music, Brooke.”

“Sure you do!!” I’d say, “You just need to listen closer.” while grinning at you.

Now you might sit quietly for a moment, I don’t know, perhaps speechless is a better word…..

Here let me just jump in here and cut to the chase. (Big smile!)

You see we, humans, can be emotionally transformed by music. It moves us and can move things within us. Moreover, it moves us psychologically. We can grab our carry-along music device; pop the ear buds in and have “our music” go wherever we go. We have become so accustomed to the ease of having music with us that stirs us, provokes us, empowers us, stimulates us, inspires us. Abracadabra, it is with us wherever we want it, in any room, on our computer, in our car, over loudspeakers. It is everywhere we go and everywhere we are.

It is wonderful we can have music around us all the time. But, what about the music within us? What has happened to it? In some ways we have gotten so used to having music around all the time, someone else’s music, someone else’s compositions, we may not be listening to the beauty coming from the sounds of music with within ourselves.

The songs you hear, feel, sing or resonate within may or may not sound exactly like the music you’re accustomed to hearing from outside you; but every now and then stop, especially when you’re happy, and ask yourself, “What’s the music I hear?!”

Then, stop. Listen. Then, when you listen, trust yourself.
And, don’t judge the music. Love the music…. after all, it’s your happy music….. ya’ gotta love that, right!!!! (smiling with ya’)


Photo Credits:

Basket of flutes: Dietmut Teijgeman-Hansen@ Flickr

A tempo dolce:  Cornelius Bartke

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  1. Zippity do dah, zippity eh. My oh my it’s a wonderful day. Plenty of sunshine headin my way. Zippity do dah zippity eh. Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder. It’s a fact, it’s actual, everything is satisfactual….most of the time. Then sometimes, Ride of the Valkyres. Other times, take me out to the ballgame, take me out with the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks…..

  2. The Bonnie Blue Flag, I find myself whistling it,

  3. ok it is my favorite song… 🙂

  4. for once i can touch what my heart used to dream of. long before i knew…

  5. for once in my life,,, i have someone who needs me ,,,,alomst my fav song 🙂

  6. Jennie Sayers via Facebook

    the Crow knows all…

  7. Jennie, how did you know I have a Marvin the Martian T-shirt the says, “I’m here to take control”?

  8. Jennie Sayers via Facebook

    @Troy…how about “If I were king of the foreeeeessst”

  9. lol @ Jennie, for me it’s usually “If I only had a brain”

  10. Jennie Sayers via Facebook

    I wish I was an Oscar Meyer weiner…..

  11. Like a sucking slug…Lol…

  12. John are you telling us you sing like a slug or that your singing sucks? 😉

  13. Add For once in my life: I left out a couple of “me’s” in the lyrics…sorry but I haven’t sug that song in public in more than eleven years…JWSIII

  14. Or; “Whenever I go out, the people always shout, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmitt…JWSIII

  15. Add: Long as I know there is love I can make it…For once in my life I have SOMEONE WHO NEEDS ME………..jwsiii

  16. Add: For once in my life I won’t let sorrow hurt, not like its hurt me before,for once I have someone I KNOW WON’T DESERT ME, I’m not alone anymore….And for once I can say this is mine you can’t take it,

  17. Add: could make my dreams come true and

  18. Brooke if you caught me in that moment and listened closely you’d hear: For once in my life I have someone who needs, someone I’ve needed so long. For once unafraid I can go where life leads me and somehow I know I’ll be strong. For once i can touch what my heart used to dream of, logn before I knew, someone warm like you

  19. Except I spell it Jingleheimerschmidt – all one word…

  20. Hey, David! That’s my name too!!!

  21. David Traub via Facebook

    “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, da da da da da da da da!!”