Music Therapy: A Note Of Hope

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Music Therapy: A Note Of Hope

This is a photo essay from Shoot 4 Change.

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There are almost constant sounds inside the Hospital. Nurses rush in and out, forced by the unstoppable rhythm of the Children’s floor. But when the trolley used for the Music Therapy comes closer down the corridor, children and their parents wait impatiently for their turn to make a guitar become, just for a few minutes, the only reality inside their rooms. When the illness knocks on a child’s door, the world suddenly becomes a darker place. Now, for this moment, they allow music to change their lives.

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Music Therapy is defined as the use of music for healing and therapeutic purposes. Its main aim is to increase children’s life quality by fostering their creative skills and help them take an important role in their own rehabilitation and treatment. The two members on each therapy team are a therapist and a musician.

It’s been proven that emotional health is one of the most important aspects in the treatment of any medical pathology. That’s why music is used with sick people, especially with children. Children tend to be more receptive and much more capable of interacting with the musician and with the instruments.

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Five thousand euro to draw a smile on ill children’s faces, five thousand to transmit feelings, five thousand to help ill children staying at Hospital have a better life by  showing their hopes and fears through music. This is the amount of  euro that the Spanish musician, David Otero, also known as “El Pescao”, raised for the Music Therapy program at Barcelona’s Hospital “Sant Joan de Déu”. This little big donation, will help the therapists and musicians from the “Ressò” association, continue with this task that is changing so many little people’s lives.

This photo essay covers many different situations and circumstances in which this melodic therapy takes place, from  hospitals to private homes and schools. The main characters: doctors, therapists, ill people and their families, give us their opinions and open a door to hope and new illusions.

Story by: Covadonga González

Photo Essay by:  Alfons Rodríguez

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  1. Sheji Kazmi

    It’s amazing. The people involved in making ill children happy are doing a great job. Congrats! The photography in black’n white looks great. The music therapy certainly makes children to smile. I usually work long hours and the music of any type keeps me energetic, throughout. Keep it up guys! Keep all doors open for the light of hope and healthy life.