Paranormal Activity – is it true?

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Paranormal Activity – is it true?

Paranormal Activity, is it true?

Here I go again, true confession happens here a whole bunch. C’mon, let’s face it, I can’t ask you to be honest with yourself if I don’t start the conversation with my own honesty, right? Well, at least that’s the way I see it. So let us jog back to the question.

Paranormal activity, is it true?

Well, perhaps it is.

I will be the first to tell you I have seen amazing things happen in my lifetime that defy easy explanation.

That, however, is not really, what makes me scratch my head. What puzzles me is why; when we think of “paranormal activity” do we most often conjure images of the negative? I ask this question because “negative” is not an accurate reflection of my personal experiences in this realm.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m a strong horror film buff. Therefore, I do not intend to discuss this from some moralistic, standing-on-the-mount position. I would not even know where to begin that treatise.
By the way, I tend to go in for horror films that lead me down the path to the intensely internal psychological horror haunts within our own palpable imaginations. Some great examples would be films like the original versions of “The Uninvited” (1944) or “The Haunting” (1963). In other words, throw me in front of some Hitchcockian flick and pass the popcorn, yes, with plenty of butter. But, you get the picture. (No pun intended, no really!)

Back to the point. Why, when we think of “paranormal activity” do we most often conjure images of the negative?

The Brown LadyHow about we turn the prism of this term “paranormal activity” a wee bit and allow this light to refract from a slightly different perspective? Perhaps then we can appreciate a wider spectrum of its colorful options.

Working in hospice I have had people share with me, sometimes within months or hours prior to their passing, that loved ones who have preceded them in death have come to them, visited them. They typically report that these visitations bring them great peace about the event of their own passing awaiting them. Those of us who have worked closely with people who are near death are very familiar with reports of these occurrences. Several of the explanations offered for why these events transpire include conceptual discussions of “paranormal activity”.

Now broaden your viewpoint with me for a moment. I find it fascinating that major religions throughout the world, continuously give complete credibility, throughout their great books of wisdom, to human beings talking to and receiving communication from disembodied spirits and entities. They accept without hesitation or question when inanimate objects suddenly project voice and personality. Now think about it. We can find volumes of words to wrap around those recounts and tellings, but logically the term “paranormal activity” describes these circumstances both accurately and appropriately.

Now these same esteemed tomes, the very ones underpinning the fundamental laws, which define and conduct powerful civilizations around the globe are premised, in large measure, on extraordinary events and awesome feats created or caused in supernatural ways by “paranormal activity”.

Hmmmm, what an amazing thing “life” is……

So, paranormal activity, is it true? You tell me.

The photograph used in this article is of The Brown Lady and was taken in September, 1936 by Captain Provand and Indre Shira for Country Life magazine. Click here to learn more about The Brown Lady.


  1. David Traub via Facebook

    It’s as real as any religion to a zealot. If you believe, have enough faith, or want something so much then it seems real to you and your potato chip can have the face of Jesus. It could be soap residue on an opaque bathroom window and people come to see the virgin weep.

  2. I have seen and felt “different” things in my life and I definitely believe in the possibilities.

  3. the loved ones, not the crispy marshmallows.

  4. Whether there is or isn’t, I’m pretty sure they are beyond our help at that point, either way.

  5. Mandi Pippin via Facebook

    I did read it. As i read everything you put out there. But this is such a frustrating subject. I want to talk to some who has left this life. If she is in transition between this life and ‘home’, I need to know!! Or if she is stuck in the shock and trauma and cant accept it I WANT TO HELP HER! 🙁

  6. I think it is the result of an overly active mind. However, that being said, I can give you a true story involving me which scared the crap out of me.

  7. If you read the piece I really would love your specific comments on my take…. : )

  8. I’m with you…I don’t believe in it either. It is all due to overactive mind stimulants…..and those damn herbal cigarettes

  9. Herbal Cigarettes will do that. However my preference is Capn Crunch over marshmellows

  10. I would LOVE to read the book. Do you have the book Pam??

  11. Mandi Pippin via Facebook

    Last night it was a luau in hawaii, now it’s a campfire in yosemite. Lol. We are eatin a lot of food (must be the herbal ciggarettes) and doing a lot of travelling. 😉 but PA? Is it real? I would immediately wonder, can i communicate with someone that i had an extremely tight bond with? Maybe i should try. I really need to say some things…

  12. just a bit of fire on them, blow out then eat. yum,yum….burnt sugar

  13. LOVE, roasted marshmallows!!!!

  14. Well, if you want to take the mysticism out of it and look at it from a purely scientific view point, we are nothing more than energy. As we all know from our 5th grade science class, you cannot destroy energy only change its’ form. So is there life after death? Sure there is… only in a different form.

  15. oooh, I’ll bring the marshmallows.

  16. I am guessing it is parareal. If you believe it, then it is real to you, whoever you are. I am convinced there is a spiritual realm, but I have not encountered any paranormal phenomena myself. Except for that brief astral trip I took into a parallel reality, that is.

  17. Ok, I say we all plan a time and go to yosemite and tell some great campfire stories.

  18. Bet your fun around a campfire…. : )

  19. I remember travelling when my kids were little. I would tell them stories of the hauntings of places we were staying. scare the crap out of them.

  20. I believe in possibilities.

  21. people are scared because we have seen too many horror movies where the paranormal creates havic and death in unusual ways. It is a movie come true

  22. Pamela Bentley via Facebook

    i believe its real ,,