First You Learn to Tie Your Shoes

Mar 23, 2011 by

First You Learn to Tie Your Shoes

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Sometimes even the simplest of tasks require adaptation. But, have you ever let go of planning, expecting or anticipating that learning something new will be difficult, or impossible, trusted yourself, and found out you could just do it…. with your eyes closed?

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  1. And poor ol’ Prez Zachary Taylor might have skipped that iced milk and cherries, on that hot summer day, if he knew what the aftereffects were gonna be…… :{

  2. David Traub via Facebook

    …and of couse Taft had avoir du pois!

  3. And former President Chester A. Arthur had mutton chops… 😀

  4. David Traub via Facebook

    Presidents Obama and Clinton are left handed. The former Presidents Bush were under handed and Richard Nixon was 2 faced.

  5. David Traub via Facebook

    I broke my right wrist, when I was 8, on a wet driveway when my mother asked me to go get tartar sauce at a neighbor’s house. The next year I broke my right wrist on a wet driveway when my mother asked me to go across the street to a neighbor to get tartar sauce! Needless to say I make my own tartar sauce. Oh, I don’t remember having any trouble being left handed.

  6. (grinning……. Thanks, Rita…..!!)

  7. Both President Obama and President Clinton are left-handed!

  8. When I was 11, I broke my left arm the first day of summer vacation. At one point I asked myself, “What would have happened if it had been my right arm and it was during the school year?” So I practiced writing with my left hand. Over 40 years later, I injured my right wrist and sent much of the school year (with me as the teacher this time) having to do any writing with my left arm. It came back to me. And the following year I broke my right elbow – needed to write left handed again. I found that my brain had stored that information. The brain is very powerful.

  9. David Traub via Facebook

    So the brain isn’t flat?

  10. Dearest David, then the podcast will be a joy!! And Eunice is so very right!!! oxo!!

  11. Doesnt make you any different David! Believe in yourself….

  12. David Traub via Facebook

    I’m a wizz at learning from hearing, not from reading.

  13. David Traub via Facebook

    I’m a bit learning disabled.

  14. Wajja Theman via Facebook

    ahem, that’s “How to Tie a shoelace”… 🙂

  15. Wajja Theman via Facebook

    I work backwards (reverse order) sometimes to figure out what direction to go forward… if that makes sense.

    My English prof. once gave us an explicative essay exercise. In one paragraph, explain “How to a shoelace”. It’s much more difficult than it sounds. Sometimes even the simplest things “forward” has the most complexities.:)