How To Be Beautiful: Let your inner beauty speak through you

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How To Be Beautiful: Let your inner beauty speak through you

It’s very easy to get hung up on certain societal standards of beauty. Images on TV and in magazines drive us to go stare at ourselves in mirrors, where we silently castigate ourselves for our imperfections and curse our genes for producing noses that are too big, lips that are too thin, eyes that are too far apart and hair that . . . well . . . let’s not even go there.

But think for a moment about the people who you truly love to look at. The people whose presence makes you feel loved and whole. What are you thinking about as you call the details of their face to mind? The spacing of their eyes? The size of their pores? The elasticity of their necks? No, of course not.

Love conquers allYou are thinking probably of the shine in their eyes when they see you for who you are. You are thinking of the smile that lights up their face. You are thinking of the aura of wisdom and compassion that surrounds them. This is true beauty. The beauty that speaks from within. The beauty that speaks through our eyes, through our words. Through our actions.

And if you really want to look in the mirror and see how beautiful you really are, look in the eyes of someone who truly loves you — and see yourself shining there in their adoring gaze.

Lauren Rosenfeld is co-Author of Your To Be List


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  1. Charles, what a mgnificent tribute to your mother, and to you for your sensitivity in very emotional moment. I salute you…JWSIII

  2. Charles Brown via Facebook

    Thank you Ina 🙂

  3. Beautiful Charles….It touched me..

  4. Charles Brown via Facebook

    Upon reading this I instantly thought of my mom . She was and will always be the most beautiful woman to me . The last time she smiled at me before slipping away … brightened the room like no flame or light could . There are several times a day when I see this smile in my minds eye. She had no makeup , hair undone , not her normal self.. but that smile upon seeing me that morning when I was there to watch over her … I saw none of her flaws, and though she couldn’t express it with words the twinkle in her eyes upon my arrival let me know she was proud of me and loved me . A memory I will cherish for as long as I live .

  5. When you are loved you feel beautiful.

  6. there are no eyes looking back from a rising sun or a Monarch butterfly flitting by or snow melting on distant mountains…That’s beauty I seek in this world…JWSIII

  7. Eve forcinel

    This is a great reminder of what is important to our lives and to others. Love those sparkling eyes and the love that shines through our wrinkled faces and the spotted loving and caring hands that have touched and healed so many. We deserve our grey hairs and I for one am proud of all the worry wrinkles that my children gave to me. My rewards are more of value than any cosmetic facade. Happy to be me!