Greenpeace: Inspiring Action

Mar 9, 2011 by

Greenpeace: Inspiring Action

This is the only planet we have.

This earth deserves a voice.
It needs solutions…
It needs change…
It needs action…

The video below is a call to action from some of the most action-oriented people on this planet.  It contains some graphic images and is incredibly impactful. Please be aware of this before you watch it.

But, please, watch itAnd join the fight. We don’t have forever.


  1. Greenpeace Inspiring Action. It surely does. We have now. Lets make now count.

  2. When such images are put together is such a way…mind-numbingly brilliant. Again, thankyou Barbara…I have to wonder just how much more our beautiful planet has to endure…before she says, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!xx

  3. Sweetest Barbara, love to you, angel!! You good ones of ChCh have had such a rough go, my heart is with you. And I, like dear Caroll above, ask you to take care and let us know how you all are fairing. oxoxoxo!!

  4. The challenges of a globe with almost 7 billion people living on it are vast……. Our creative energy can find the solutions to these realities. Knowledge is power. Peace, my friends.

  5. WOW ……..can we say, wrath of GOD? he isnt joking anymore!

  6. Donna Morask

    so moving I am speechless… It is important that this be seen. Thank you for having it here for all to see.