You Are The One Who Changes Everything

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You Are The One Who Changes Everything











Last week I spent the day with a treasured friend I had not seen in two years.
We walked. We sat. We watched the horizon. We thought out loud. We listened inside.
We laughed. We yakked. We spouted. We reasoned. We rhapsodized. We vented. We related. We deliberated. We consulted. We visited.
Together we swapped, linked and swirled ideas about what each of us is doing to consciously create dynamic change in ourselves and in this world we participate.

Both of us are extremely action-oriented people. Neither of us is good at standing back and expecting others to fix the issues in our world that disturb us. So, the two of us actively participate in creating compassionate differences in the way the world can and will exist for our future and the future our children will live in.

Each of us is only one person. But, both of us does what we can do. We commit our individual ideas, energy and action to work and participate with others for a greater good. That is, after all, how change starts. And, it is how change happens.

It is a vast world.
There is so much to do.

You are one person.
You are beginnings.
You are new.
You are energy.
You are strength.
You are commitment.
You are past.
You are present.
You are future.
You are action.
You are change.

I ask you, “What in this world calls for your energy, your help, your ideas, your effort? What in this world calls for you?”

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  1. Dear Eve, you are thoughtful, loving, courageous and caring. You give, create and change the world every day, with those beautiful truths you offer us all. I love you deeply, my precious friend!!!

  2. Yes, Kathy, quite distinguished in a career sense (he is a microbiochemist) but the same underneath.

  3. Has he not become more distinguished? I heard that is what happens to older men.

  4. Right-o, Chris, hope it was glorious fun!!!

  5. Today I had lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen for 50 years. He hadn’t changed a bit.

  6. To Rodney : Yes, my precious spirit man, it was just such a day… your eloquence breathes it anew for me! Thank you, my kind friend…. <3
    To Eve : Yes dear, Rodney has a way with words, with music, with heart and with spirit. I am glad you two gracious people have crossed paths. <3 : )

  7. Rodney, what a beautiful word. Have not heard it in a long time. Thanks!

  8. Thank you, wonderful Gale!!

  9. Gale Madyun via Facebook

    Really nice.

  10. Backatcha, on that count, Evie love!!!

  11. Oh Brookie! My friend, my inspiration!

  12. I see you do this daily, Evie. You engage with others with a commitment to strengthening the sense of care, compassion, love and kindness in the lives you touch. You change and empower others everyday and I admire you so much for the work in play I see you share. Love you, Evie!!!! <3 : )

  13. What a blessing for friends whom you may not see for periods of time but when meeting again it is like you have never been apart. These are indeed precious moments in ones life. Read and commented on moments count. Thank you Brooke for reminding us how we in our every thought and action does in fact change the world.

  14. Eve forcinel

    Brookie, I sometimes feel in my senior years that I am not contributing in a useful capacity to have an effect of importance in the ‘changing of the world’ What I have done in the past that I was so impassioned about and had physical energies to acomplish. A gathering of liked minds is no longer an option. However, I still have the enthausiam for the betterment of society and have a great hope in our younger generation to put together the great jigsaw puzzle that we have designed for them to solve. I know there are pieces missing but like a sock lost in the wash it will turn up at the most unexpected moment. Turning over to the next generation is a relief just as turning over an apron to your younger family for Thanksgiving meals. It is not an easy thing but very necessary in the scheme of life.We must have trust in those whom we have raised to carry on with character and morals Yet, know that the changing times calls for a new world that we may not be familar but must trust in what we have nurtured and created to continue the quest for justice, peace and love of living things!

  15. My Lisa, you are energy, you are creativity, you are vision, you are substance and you are purpose. Collaboration to create change is the key to unlocking the door of any and every possibility. Thank you, my treasured friend, for our magnificent day. I look so forward to all that is to come.

  16. And try to seize each day to be that change!! Wishing you peace back, my dear friend in change, progress and light!! oxo!

  17. Yes, you are Paula!! And it shows in all you do, all you write and in every exchange you share with people in your life. Thank you for always sharing it with me, my friend!!!

  18. As the other half of this beautiful, creative day and process I have since been energized and feeling the “oneness” of the vision, the substance, the purpose. I have since been reaching out even more to others who will collaborate to change the world. Brooke, you are a gift to me of the most beautiful and cherished kind……

  19. Donna Morask

    What in this world calls for me…? A question I have asked myself since an early age; consumed at different points with finding the one truth and discovering what my particular calling was supposed to be. From a serious self study of far eastern religions, to coming full circle closer to home and examining the Judeo-Christian heritage, to espousing Chairman Mao and “The Little Red Book, and participating in and preaching, radical politics , I yearned for finding my place, the truth, and craved knowledge. Now after 54 years of walking on the planet, I have simply learned that belief systems, religiosity, and good intentions don’t create change; individuals do… As Gandhi put it, “Be the change you want to see in the world” and with that I wish you peace.

  20. Paula O'Sullivan

    I love this Brooke ! ‘You are beginnings’, be the change ! I am living my life this way and it is amazing the things that can happen when we become aware that change begins with us !