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Destination You










Isn’t life a bit like an airport? Lots of ‘Arrivals’, people coming into our lives, lots of laughter, people leaving our lives ‘Departures’, lots of crying. Some feelings of dread and fear perhaps. Feelings of happiness and love and joyfulness. When I think of an airport, I think of the excitement and the anticipation of the journey as I usually know where I’m going.

My life though, hasn’t always been full of excitement and anticipation; I haven’t always known where I was going. I feel that I have been taxiing around the runway for most of it.

Oh I’ve had many dreams, but if you’ll excuse the pun they never really ‘took off’. I never up to this point even wondered why, until I listened to a CD called ‘The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz the other day. He had a wonderful terminology which summed up the reasons for all my ‘failures’ or ‘lessons’. It was ‘Excuseitis’. Yes I’ve used every excuse in the book to explain why I couldn’t do something. I was too stupid (I left school at 15) I was too old, I hadn’t got enough confidence, I was afraid of not being good enough, I hadn’t enough money etc, etc.. When you provide ‘good’ excuses you are opting out of life really, you are cheating yourself of a wonderful, exciting, challenging, liberating experience.

I’m sharing this with you because I’ve changed. If you want to change too, Visualise this: You’re standing on the runway you have a ‘Destination’ (dream) in sight, it seems very far away, but you start to walk towards it, slowly at first, maybe you’re a little anxious, but as you think of yourself as being already there, you begin to feel a little excited, you think how wonderful it is. Now you’re starting to walk faster, you’re beginning to learn some of the things you’ll need for when you get there. You’re getting more excited. Now you’re nearly running, still focused on that destination, things start happening in your life to support you, you are amazed. WOW. You can’t believe how things have changed for the better in YOUR life. Now you’re running so fast with arms outstretched to embrace life and all its opportunities, and then you notice something you hadn’t noticed before. You’re flying. Destination in sight, you’re flying, and it’s beautiful, and you are enjoying this journey, because you know now where you’re going. You are enjoying the scenery and life is a wonderful experience to enjoy and, although the destination may take hours, weeks, months or years to reach, you know where you are going and you know you will get there eventually and WOW it’s exhilarating!

I’m sending you all a post card, it says ‘Wish you were here’, because life is so amazing from where I’m looking at it. I’ve found destination ‘me’. Will you join me on the ‘runway of life’ and find destination ‘You’?

Photo credits:
Airplane at sunrise: Guillermo Fdez@Flickr
Runway: Storm Crypt@Flickr
Lunar Bypass: carrib @Flickr




  1. We all have to stop and smell the roses so to speak – life rushes by fast enough – stop – look – listen and really see and hear – Blessings to you dear Brooke

  2. Paula, I love this. When I lived in NYC sometimes I went to JFK just to feel the energy you write of here.

    And you’re visualization – it’s wonderful.

    Thanks for the postcard!!!