The skin gun – just days from hurt to healed

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The skin gun – just days from hurt to healed










In the video below from National Geographic, stem cells taken from the burn victim’s own body are placed in solution and sprayed onto the burned area.  Serious burns are completely healed in just days!


  1. That is absolutely amazing. I love it. God Bless that guy for coming up with it.

  2. Dearest David & Ruth, thank you, so much, for your kindness and empathy toward one another. Each of us experiences so much in life and often people do not recognize that another’s pain or hurt, while different, is still just as profound in its emotional impact as their own. The thoughtful consideration and eloquent sensitivity the two of you have offered each other is a touching reflection, to me, of the warmth in each of your hearts. Thank you both, for the caring you have brought here. I appreciate it very much. b

  3. Anonymous User via Facebook

    I understand you’re a giver.

  4. David Traub via Facebook

    Not nosy, I’m just not my favorite topic.

  5. Anonymous User via Facebook

    I don’t know what to say and furthermore, I didn’t mean to be nosey-I hope you don’t take it that way. My story of burns goes a lot deeper, but I can’t run it on a post-privately yes so maybe you’ll take me on as a “friend” and if you don’t I’ll completely understand. Bye now, so nice for your concern.

  6. David Traub via Facebook

    I’m sorry Ruth. You’ve had your share. (I really hate that expression, that and God only gives it to those that can handle it) Yes I pulled my tubes out on purpose.

  7. Anonymous User via Facebook

    Accidentally? Or? My brother had an angioplasty and was doing great, went home and passed on. Our phone calls never got answered. He must have had some residua plaque-I so hope his last moments were not in pain-no one knows! I miss him so.

  8. David Traub via Facebook

    No, gratefully, not burned. I had a heart transplant 2 years ago. I pulled my own tubes out.

  9. Anonymous User via Facebook

    I didn’t mean to be not paying attention. So, you also were burned?

  10. Anonymous User via Facebook

    I simply wouldn’t have the patience for that…. grrr ! I had all the time in the world. I had a little grafting for my arm and that took a long time to heal .They gave me so much milk and foods rich in vitamins to heal the skin. In fact, I had been such a part of that little hospital wing, the day I left=I was amazed at how we take all the noise that permeates this Earth with kind of a blase’ (sp?) attitude and I was a little anxious because my stay had been so protected- kind of like an “in-womb” experience, I imagined.-tee hee!

  11. David Traub via Facebook

    Thankfully you’re strong and you’ve moved on. I do know what it’s like to rip my own bandages off instead of someone else doing it!

  12. Anonymous User via Facebook

    Thanks, Brooke and David, I was lucky it was not the neck, or faceI I was even luckier that even though it was the hand I use, I could still type later. (my living). Itched something fierce while healing, but when I knew what time the dr. was arriving at hospital, I’d secretly start unwrapping the bandages . as I could endure me doing same but not someone else=you know how that is? In the beginning, I was doped up and never could account for one whole day-funniest thing. They were great in SF Gen. Hospital. No, it’s all in the past.

  13. David Traub via Facebook

    I feel for you too Ruth, I just don’t know what to add. I hope you are not in continuing pain both Psychological and physical.

  14. To David : I agree, David!!! This will revolutionize burn treatment, aftercare and the need for plastic surgery forever. How empowering for healers and trauma victims alike.
    To Ruth : Oh Ruth, I too wish this had been available for you. The pain must have been excruciating. My heart goes out to you for the difficulty of that time. Thank you for your insight and sharing. <3
    To Leslie : I am so glad that you and David have been able to share empathy and caring information with each other on the topic you asked about. oxo!

  15. Leslie Jenné via Facebook

    Sadly David, I agree with you … I’ve had psoriasis for 31 years … I’m currently following Dr. Pagano’s method for healing. So far, so good. 🙂

  16. David Traub via Facebook

    Sadly no Leslie. Psoriasis sloughs off the top layers of skin very rapidly. It is caused (or exacerbated by ) nervous conditions. Any new skin would be affected from eruptions beneath the skin.
    Vitamin D&A, Non-alkalai soap, moisturize often. Get sun when you can, possibly a mood elevator or tranquilizer. It seems to run in Jewish families for some reason too.

  17. Leslie Jenné via Facebook

    I wonder if it can help folks with psoriasis … it’s such a terrible disease.

  18. Anonymous User via Facebook

    Wish I had known about it back in ’71-I was in hospital 3 mos. for burns- constant debriding of the skin was very painful, plus risk of infection.

  19. David Traub via Facebook

    I watched this on TV the other night and I was amazed. Why is it not widely available? The man that had been so badly burned had NO scars! The Goodman Burn Center needs to be using that!

  20. To Kathryn : It is and the alleviation of pain is profound!!!
    To Cindy : Thank you, Cindy, so much!!! Those are the words of a true healer of the body, mind and spirit…. loving you more than you can possibly imagine right now……. <3

  21. Anxious to see if Hopkins brings it on. It will put me out of a job, but I’m REALLY good with that!!!! Hope to see it put into use soon!!!

  22. Kathryn J. Stiles via Facebook

    Wow, a miracle. I have had to care for someone who had severe burns on both legs from knees to toes on a daily basis. The scraping of dead skin multiple times a day is unbelievable to try and gain new skin growth. This is an absolute miracle!!

  23. Kathryn Stiles Cook

    A miracle!!

  24. I know, Eve!!! It’s incredible!!!! The minute we got our hands on it we knew we had to air it!!! This is a magnificent news feature!!!!

  25. This is such awesome news! If anyone has ever had a loved one or seen the horrific effects of the pain of burning, this should jolt their conscience.