Let Your Light Shine

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Let Your Light Shine


“As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people the permission to do the same.”

Nelson Mandela

As I reflect on these words I think about the many people I have been blessed to meet, whose light shone brighter than the Northern Star on a clear starlit night. As I ponder these words, I realize that any light shining from me was always about someone else’s light, which in turn made my own shine bright. Not quite the chicken or the egg story. I think more to the point is this one simple fact; we are mirrors of one another. Your light allows mine to shine, my light in turn allows someone else’s, their light gives yet another’s, permission to shine bright, and it continues…

One light ignites anotherIn this way then, we can see how infectious positive energy and goodness can be. I often wish others; ” much love, laughter and light”… many have claimed this as their own in turn. Infectious and contagious, unconsciously we create moments that become joy when we allow our own light to shine. Simple acts bring forth the light in us and others. A random act of kindness, a warm smile or nod of acknowledgment, or a word of encouragement.

An unknown person wrote; “A word of encouragement can make the difference between giving up and going on.” In no small measure, your light makes a difference in the lives of many. Nelson Mandela’s light shines bright, in spite of his often times oppressed circumstances. You want to see how the light spreads? Watch Mr. Mandela when he speaks to a crowd. If you look real close, you can see his light shine bright, and as you pan the crowd, what begins as a flicker in those who listen to him, begins to glow and increase in intensity, as their own light begins to shine brighter and brighter, and reflect off one another.

This is what makes our light shine. Things that resonate with us, events, things we see, and things we hear. Getting caught up in the moment, experiencing the feeling of, joy and hope. Mr. Mandela has brought hope and encouragement to many, as they faced crushing adversity. But his light has never been extinguished, and the hope and courage to face each new day, he shares with others, always anticipating the change to come.

Dwight L Moody said, “Remember, a small light will do a great deal when it is  in a very dark place. Put one little tallow candle in the middle of a large hall, and it will give a good deal of light.”

Photo Credit: Light My Fire, kool_skatcat @ Flickr


  1. Sue Nash via Facebook

    Had to share, really beautiful!

  2. Mentor… Donna, I offered you all that you were open to learning. But, you’ve always been an open mind taking in every idea provided and finding ways to bring other minds into the group to expand the possibilities of what tomorrow can yet become. Mentor…. I am not truly able to articulate the depth of what those words mean to me each time you touch me with them. But, I know one thing, without question or doubt, anything I offered you was layered on the compassion, capability and commitment you bring to everything you do.
    And, I too, feel privileged and honored to have you in the company of outstanding authors and artists who write and create with Moments Count. And, Donnie, yeah : ) …… I was listening, my sweet friend….. and I still am. <3

  3. Brooke in the beginning you were my mentor. I learned much more than the specifics of my job at the time. I shared with you an important herstory that I thought you didn’t hear. I know now that you heard much more than I ever knew. I feel privileged and honored to be in the company of such outstanding authors who write for moments. Namaste

  4. Ian Hemingway via Facebook

    Awwww 🙂