The White Tailed Deer

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The White Tailed Deer

The White Tailed Deer is a beautiful animal and a great success story. When my father was a boy during the great depression, White tailed were actually very hard to find in the forest because of unregulated hunting. Thanks to successful conservation efforts, we can now admire this amazing animal in many areas around the United States (except the Southwest) if we are watching for them at dusk and dawn.  Enjoy the wonder of the natural world!

Did you know?

  • Deer can jump over 8 feet high!
  • They can jump over 30 feet long!
  • Males can weigh over 300 pounds!

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Photo Credit: Guillermo S @ Flickr

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  1. Ian Hemingway via Facebook

    i love success stories…. 🙂

  2. Oh, wow!! No!! How cool, Francine!! : )

  3. Francine Cole via Facebook

    Have you ever scene an albino deer? I saw one for the first time about two years ago.