Monarch Caterpillar

Jan 26, 2011 by

Monarch Caterpillar

The Monarch Caterpillars are beautiful creatures. We often speak of the famous butterfly they become, but rarely take the time to admire the brightly colored caterpillar. They have simply “amazing” colors and can often be seen working there way around Milkweed plants. They are about 2-3/4 inches in length. They are toxic so birds will not eat them.

Did you know?

  • Monarch Caterpillars are only toxic because of the Milkweed foliage they eat?
  • One species of Butterfly called the “Viceroy” Mimics the monarch!
  • Monarch caterpillars are only one of “many” species of insect that feed solely on the Milkweed for survival!

Find Mark Fraser at Nature Walks with Mark or find more of Mark’s videos at his YouTube channel.

Photo credit: Single Monarch Gene Wilburn @Flickr


  1. Kathryn J. Stiles via Facebook

    I love living where we live.

  2. Cage LaCapitan via Facebook

    we used to find monarch eggs on milkweed plants and raise them over the summer. … watch the caterpillars grow from the size of a pinky nail to as thick as a whole finger… their chrysalis’ are beautiful and delicate, amazing creatures….one summer we had seven or eight we had two butterfly jars. We woke up one morning to find the had hatched from the chrysalis and there were four butterflies priming their wings, waiting to get out.