Ready? Grab a torch.

Jan 18, 2011 by

Ready? Grab a torch.

We all know where the dark side of the moon is, but do we have to live there?

Problems exist, so do solutions.
People become accustomed to living with, looking past, lining their choices up behind problems.


The problems become nests, grooves, comfortable ruts.

As long as we live and work from a perspective where the questions begin with “What is wrong?” (with you or your organization) we are starting from a problem. We are starting from the negative.

I like to start from the solution, the positive outcome, the desired destination.

In my consulting practice, I work with both individuals and organizations.

I am my clients’ partner in their adventure toward their journey’s anticipated destination. They and I know there are “problems”, which is likely the reason they sought my trail master skills to begin with. They needed someone who could guide them through the obstacles of the rougher country. But, I remind them, these are only obstacles. We will face them, recognize them, move them or use them and drive on. Together we will complete our quest to the exciting, positive outcome.

It does not take too much imagination or inventiveness to exist saturated in problems.
However, you do need to live in your creativity, vision and ingenuity to awaken the pathfinder inside you.

Every journey brings you to a destination.
A destination is easiest reached with a well-drawn map.
Let’s draw your map together, and find your hidden treasure.

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