That’s What Friends Are For

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That’s What Friends Are For

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            You can do some things with your own grit and effort. You can put your shoulder to the wheel and through your sheer power and muscle you can make worlds move. I will not shy away from saying that is an incredible feeling.

However, there are other things in life where you look around you for the light of ingenuity in the eyes of those you enjoy and trust. There are those times when you want the help and energy of those who can make you laugh in the frustrating times and high five with you in the victorious times. And, it is amazing to know you have driven something important forward together as an effective, thoughtful and powerful team. You enjoy each other. You enjoy what you do together. You enjoy the picture of what you create.

They say, “That’s what friends are for”.
So, sometimes when you really value what you are accomplishing it’s great to stop and look around you.

Recognize the individual value you bring, the gifts you offer.

In turn, relish the fun, the smiles and the joy that comes from feeling really good about what you and your friends make happen together as a groovy team.

Photo Credit: Trust Nate Ndosi @Flickr

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