You Know That I’ll Be Reaching For Higher Ground

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You Know That I’ll Be Reaching For Higher Ground
“Given the possibility of living up to the dream in me,
you know that I’ll be reaching for higher ground.”
John Denver (Higher Ground)

Throughout my life and my career I have recognized when the conversations within me asked me, moved me, pushed me to take paths of new, powerful and unique challenge. Such was the case about two years ago when my life began cycling to the magnificent vantage point that is ~ this moment.

Now, here I stand. Looking at all that has gone before. I realize and appreciate what an amazing journey these last two years have been.

A huge part of the journey, during this time, has been the development, creation and publishing of The Moments Count Journal.
I have come to realize The Moments Count Journal is a steady diet of joy, inspiration and expansion for so many of you. I value this knowledge. Your notes explaining what The Journal opens in you have been very moving. I appreciate your experience and your expressions more than I can ever adequately explain. Yet, please allow me to say, I thank you, with my heartfelt appreciation.

Something else shifted my world on its axis in these last two years.

You see, there came the need to address an issue I’d turned my head and looked away from for most of my life and career: Slavery

Yes, Slavery.

Modern Slavery aka Human Trafficking is the illegal trade in human beings for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation. Constantly subjected to beatings, rape, torture and all forms of physical and sexual degradation, slaves survive in long-term, traumatically abusive circumstances. According to United Nations figures this terrifying institution traps 27 million people.

This must change.

I have work to do. I have a mission to fulfill.

The Moments Count Journal is part of that work, that mission.

So too, is grabbing the skills I have in my personal toolbox and changing the course of the modern day slave trade.

I’m on it.

And, I will let you know through some of my posts on The Journal how you can help me. I will keep you updated on what I’m doing and what I see us accomplishing.

Peace, my friends!
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  1. Eve forcinel

    I know you are on this Brooke. As well as others, I feel almost helpless to aide in any significent way. However if there are things other than spreading the word to bring this horror to light, that we are capable of doing it would be an amazing blessing. I pray that you are able to connect with the powers that be and soon these changes will start to happen. May your work and efforts be blessed by the most highest of power. Love you and appreciate your commitment to this cause. namaste.