Immunity for those fighting slavery

Dec 22, 2010 by

Immunity for those fighting slavery

Today my doctor told me I need to have a surgery on my ear. As I sit back and mull about this…I realize this is one of the many irreversible prices I have to pay for being a activist fighting sex trafficking.

Years back goons beat me up damaging an ear…many years later I continue to face the aftermath of it in the form of partial deafness and a second surgery on the same ear.

Sometimes I wonder why there are only so few people who actually fight this form of modern day slavery…maybe one reason is the absolute lack of safety provided either by the state or the civil society.

Can we truly create a counter culture in this kind of hostile environment…my clan is more or less an extinct species…how can we save this clan…should we at least not talk about it…before we are clubbed as the rhinos or hippos?

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  1. Dear Sunitha;

    Awareness Sunitha, awareness. This dispicalble form of slavery does not operate in the open air of freedom and knowlege it thrives on ignorance and lack of transparency. How long do you suppose a crook dealing in human sex trafficking would last if he were exposed in his community for what he is, a slaver? I wish you well Sunitha and my fondest wish is that the day will come when all humans are treated with respect and good will.
    Be well Sunitha.
    John W. Strobel III