Nature Walks with Mark Fraser: Gray Fox

Dec 16, 2010 by

Nature Walks with Mark Fraser: Gray Fox

The Common Gray Fox is truly an amazing species. They are usually active at twilight and during the night although sometimes you can get lucky and see this species looking for food in the dense brush or forested areas during daylight.

Photo by robert maesGray Fox will eat many different foods, in fact they will eat pretty much whatever they can find. The young pups seen on this video seemed to like crickets and grasshoppers and enjoyed chasing moths and jumping in the air for them although I think that was more for fun than an actual meal. They are certainly a handful for the mother fox, as they are constantly running, wrestling with each other and are absolutely full of childhood energy! Gray Fox are an incredible species that needs clean and safe habitat to survive.

Did you know?

  • Gray Fox can climb trees! Yep! Thanks to their curved claws, they are the only K9 native to North America that can actually climb a tree!
  • They mark their territory with scent posts!
  • By about 4 months of age they can completely hunt for themselves.
  • They will feed on small mammals like rabbits and mice as well as insects but also plants and even fruits such as cherries. Being a K9 species they are considered as carnivores however, they certainly are not true solitary meat eaters and will often behave more like an omnivore. The time of year, and availability of food makes a big difference as to how they feed.

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Photo Credit Robert Maes @Flickr

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  1. Eve forcinel

    Hi Mark, such a joy seeing these little guys. Great choice of names I especially like bi polar. like how you point out what a handful they are for their mom. good that it only lasts 4 months. did not know they could climb trees. Still enjoy the flute it is perfect background for the wilderness. Thanks, see you next time.