Are your beliefs working for you?

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Are your beliefs working for you?










I read this quote recently and it really got me thinking about our beliefs.

“The most powerful thing you can do to change the world is to change your own beliefs about the nature of life, people and reality to something more positive and begin to act accordingly“ Shakti Gawain.

Wow, can we do that? Change our beliefs, is that possible? I mean we’ve held onto them for a long time, some of us still have beliefs from the time we were growing up.

Okay, so we have beliefs and some of these we have had for a long time, so permit me to ask you a question if I may. Are your beliefs serving you? Are they working for you, or against you? Do they bring you closer to being the person you really want to be or further away?

I really feel that we need to get our beliefs working for us because from our beliefs come our expectations and from our expectations come our reality. What we expect for ourselves we usually get. Most negative beliefs can be exchanged for more positive ones.

My example of this is myself. I grew up feeling very unloved, unattractive and stupid. My mantra to everything was “I can’t”, and I formed some awful beliefs about myself. I believed that I was unworthy, I mean if my parents couldn’t even love me, there must be something wrong with me, mustn’t there? I believed I would fail at everything (my father helped me to reaffirm this to myself regularly) and I lived up to his low expectations of me every time. So my beliefs were that I was not good enough and that I was not lovable. I won’t entertain you with the gory details of what went wrong in my life, but I can tell you I made one big mess of my life, I failed at everything, right up to approximately one year ago.

So what changed? I did. I changed my beliefs about myself, and like a domino effect, I changed my beliefs about my reality, the people around me, the circumstances etc. etc, and what happened? Bingo- my life changed, for the better. I became me. Oh happy day!

I can happily tell you that I do feel lovable and worthy now. I affirm to myself that I love and approve of myself daily, and now I believe it and act accordingly. If we use our imagination when we affirm and really get into what this would feel like, and start believing it’s possible, it works like magic.

So if you want to change some part of your world, start with yourself. When we learn to love and approve and feel worthy ourselves, this has a very positive effect on the people around us, we have much happier relationships etc. When you believe in yourself, the world will believe in you.

Now watch the magic happen, you love and approve of yourself (this is not to be confused with being vain or arrogant, I remain modest and somewhat humble, while also being confident) you are worthy, now you know you deserve the best for you, your opportunities are unlimited, now the excuse of not being good enough is removed, who do you want to be? Go be it!

The people in your life, who you attracted because you felt unworthy, may be a bit put out, their job was to help you reinforce your low beliefs of yourself, and now you feel real good about yourself, what will they do? Well maybe they’ll find someone else to help, while you’re busy attracting the people into your life whose job it is to help you reinforce those good feelings. You will start attracting the type of people who want to see you up, not down, who are interested in seeing you succeed. Who want the best for you. As time passes you will become more aware and will recognize them when they arrive. Surround yourself now with positive people and things, change your beliefs to positive ones, get your beliefs working hard for you, and the only way for you will be up.

So tell me, are your beliefs serving you?

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  1. Eve forcinel

    It is sad that negative beliefs are embedded into children and stem from the ones who are most influencial in their lives. Some never break free of those beliefs and continue to live destructive lives. Such an uplifting story of hope, when one can experience the value of self and begin to live and love as a self caring person a new life emerges. God bless the encouragers.