Beautiful Big Bottomed Women!

Dec 1, 2010 by

Beautiful Big Bottomed Women!

The four Beautiful Big Bottomed Women in this series are a celebration of women birthed in sensual soul-earth memory. All four women, naked-to-the-wind in voluptuous curves, shapes, and colors are confident in sensual earth-flesh-spirit expansions. Briefly, they each give pause to wave out to the winds which beckon across the horizon. So primordial are the spirit winds unified in passion to action frequencies, that the shared vibrations cause us as women to synchronize our menstrual cycles. It’s the soul-energy so deep it spurs us into soul-earth memory.

These four womanly soul-earth spirits share the collections of sorrows and triumphs on their backs. Lost loves, connections with family and the marches and protests that dominated soul-spirit memory. They’ve each fought the good fight for civil, women’s, and human rights. It’s Nina Simone singing “Four Women” that gave us the sound rhythms to connect with the beats and soil-connected permutations to gather at Woodstock, People’s Park, and the ’68 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. It’s all been a voyeuristic style of sensual soul-earth waves that indulged us in sound, mind, body and spirit energies.

Then I Waved 

11 X 14 Giclee $125.00
5 X 7 High Quality Greeting Card $5.00

8 Ounce Mug $20.00

Then, I Waved

She was expanded across the canvas as a breeze of multiple soul waves that hold sorrows and joys in sensual soul-spirit form as she waves across to the horizon that beckons her.

Then, I Waved


Beyond The Horizon 

8 X 10 Print $35.00
5 X 7 High Quality Greeting Card $5.00

8 Ounce Mug $20.00

Beyond the Horizon

She was collected in a moment of gaiety as she paused to greet the horizon.

Beyond the Horizon


Naked I See Clearly 

18 X 24 Giclee $150.00

Naked I See Clearly

She is gathered with the flaunt of gaiety that freedom brings while she waves beneath her hat.

Naked I See Clearly


Tempting Horizons 

8 X 10 Print $35.00
5 X 7 High Quality Greeting Card $5.00

Tempting Horizons

She is the sound of the roar and outrage we hear in Nina Simone’s ‘Four Women.’

Tempting Horizon


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  1. Maria,
    Thank you for the comment, for some reason I’m just seeing it for the first time. Peace.

  2. Gale, I am so glad to see that you’ve expanded outward, from paintings to cups, with these beautiful, full-figured women.

    The more I continue to explore concepts of femininity, both as a confrontation of self, and as an Other, I realize that whether reactionary, inquisitive, or in rebuttal, the conversation regarding the Woman has been all but lost within the confines of apathetic Generation X’ers. I appreciate your revitalizing such a long-depleted reservoir.

  3. Susan, I wholeheartedly agree!!!

  4. Susan V.

    Not to make something that defies science into something scientific, but…my anatomy and physiology professor said that scientifically speaking, the most universally attracting thing about women across all cultures and ethnicities world-wide is her posterior. Your paintings capture the essence of that, especially as a collection. It’s a great celebration of us older women whose fronts may sag, but whose bottoms get better! Very nice collection.

  5. Sister, thank you so much for your kindness our friendship is such a wonderful source of inspiration. I’ll get those 2 cups to you! I’m in love with the BBBWs too!

  6. Your thoughts on BBBW are always uplifting for me. Thank you for making the connection to my favorite activist vocalist Nina Simone. I appreciate your helping my understanding of the cultural nuances of Nina’s Four Women that day when we were together just enjoying each other’s company . That turned out to be one of the most enjoyable days for me in a long time. I’m honored to be in the company of BBBW! When you come down, please bring me 2 of the mugs. They’re beautiful.

  7. thank you.

  8. thank you for your kind words.

  9. Sable


  10. heni susi

    it’s really artwork ..
    performing women in their all lives ..
    picture language, say much about women ..
    wonderful, Gale ..

  11. I’m humbled and give thanks to spirits of the winds and soils for being a conduit. I’m glad you enjoyed them. Ase!

  12. Hosea

    “Beautiful Big Bottomed Women” has captured my eye since first walking by. I’ve rubber-necked her direction since first sighting on facebook. Like urban core artwork seen daily, she turns my head. She has gotten many men into trouble, more will soon join the list. You can tell when she’s near, brothers’ eyes flare. “Man look at them Beautiful Big Bottomed Women”. True artist grasp muse then reproduce truth of sight. 20/20 is this delightful work of art. Even GOD himself is smiling, just like his children admiring “Beautiful Big Bottomed Women”.

  13. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  14. Blessings, thank you.

  15. Tree Miashintubby

    Congratulations on a wonderful site Gayle! Beautiful work, I am looking forward to building with You. Thank You for the information. God Bless.

  16. much thankfulness. peace.

  17. Dennis Stone

    …brings to mind Browning’s verse, “less is more”…clarity of spirit in such simplicity…nice work!

  18. blessings!

  19. Dedan, thank you so much my friend. I watch men and women of all colors and shape mesmerized in long ago deep memory as they watch these women.

  20. sue flocco

    You so rock!

  21. loving the echo!

  22. sharon woodson-bryant

    Each time I see these women I feel such a special connection. They make me smile. They take me to a higher level of spirituality and personal courage. These would make perfect gifts for Christmas because they heal the soul !

  23. Sensuous lines of morphing beauty gyrating across the winds of time and gravity like a day old jelly roll with coffee on a cold winter morning despite all contrary opinions it is better then it was yesterday.

  24. Such a nice echo!

  25. Greg Grosso

    The recollections and life issues of the four woman who have bared their souls in the struggles and joys life has given to each of them independant of one another. Shows me the reader how really relevant they are to each other.